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9 WordPress Plugins That Encourage User Participation and Feedback

May 12, 2017GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

I love when people comment on my blog. The feeling that someone cared to read what you wrote, and cared enough to post a real non-spammy comment is great. Do you feel the same? Then you’ll be interested to know about several tools that will increase user participation further.

This is a round-up review of nine WordPress plugins that can help you with this task. There are a couple of quiz and survey tools, contact form plugins, polls, comment enhancements, and feedback tools. The plugins are not given in particular order.

1. Contact form 7

Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

This is one of the most popular and probably the easiest to use contact form plugins. As its name suggests, the plugin adds a contact form to your site. When the user submit the form, you receive the submitted data by email.

In fact you can create unlimited number of contact forms and use shortcodes to place them in posts or pages. The contact forms themselves consist of HTML code with shortcodes. This is great because you can fully format the design without messing the functionality.

Contact Form 7 is free and supported by donations. You can show your support by donating from the official site.

2. Watu

Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/watu/

Watu is a quiz/exam plugin. You can use it to test your users knowledge on different subject or to collect data in survey-style. Creating funny / recreational quizzes is also possible.

The plugin creates shortcodes which allow placing in posts or pages and adding custom text before or after the quizzes. A full list of results is available in your dashboard allowing you to see what answers users have given to the quizzes.

Watu supports shortcodes from all other properly coded plugins. This means you can easily add images and media in your tests, or even Math formulas using LaTeX.

Watu has a PRO version with a lot more features and premium support here.

3. WP Polls

Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-polls/

This is a wordpress plugin for adding Ajax-based polls in posts or pages. It offers poll stats and poll logs for all the polls you create. The style of the polls is fully configurable from the config page.

This wordrpress plugin is entirely free but donations are accepted here.

4. Yop Poll

Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/yop-poll/

In my opinion this poll plugin is easier to use and more organized. Polls are entered as shortcodes in post or pages. You can see number of votes and percentage-based stats any time. Stats can also be reset so you can start again clear.

A good function is to clone a poll which saves a lot of time if you want to create several similar polls.

This wordpress free plugin accepts donations here (link broken).

5. WP Survey And Quiz Tool

(link broken)

This is one of the older quiz/survey plugins for wordpress blog. Because of this the interface is a bit archaic. However the plugin is rather feature-rich. The quizzes have timer, marks to pass, complete notifications etc. It even supports PDF certificates.

One of the most important things in it is that the different types are separated logically so you clearly know when you are creating quiz, survey, or poll.

Donations are accepted only through the official WordPress hosted page shown above.

6. Easy Contact Forms


The interface of this one is a bit confusing at the beginning so I wouldn’t call it exactly easy. However the plugin is rather powerful. You can customize the contact form fields, configure redirection after contact, allow users use rich text editor, etc.

The design is configurable by settings, by stylesheet, and by configuration of the notification messages.

Looks like the plugin doesn’t accept donations but feel free to visit its homepage.

7. JotForm Feedback Button


This is a bit different plugin because it works with remotely hosted feedback forms. You’ll need to signup at the official Jotform site to create your forms there (there are free and paid accounts).

Once you create the forms, it’s really easy to go further – just pick up button style and lightbox style and you are done.

8. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings


Here’s another plugin that requires remotely hosted accounts, but this time for polls. Unlike Jotform which is new, Polldaddy is well known and insanely popular plugin.

The polls they offer are really feature rich and highly customizable. And the entire server load is moved onto their servers so your hosting will not be overloaded by calculating the poll stats.

You can get your free or paid account at Polldaddy.com.

9. Comments Evolved


This is a really easy to setup wordpress plugin. You just need to activate it and it starts working. Of course there are some configuration options that allow some level of customization.

Allowing users to comment with different social network profiles can certainly increase the number of genuine comments.

The plugin accepts donations through WePay. The link is available on the official WordPress hosted page shown above.

These WordPress Plugins encourage visitor action on you site,  are you already using any of these plugins? Can you share your results of using them?

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