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WordPress.com Review: Why (Not) to Choose Officially Hosted Free WordPress?

May 5, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

WordPress.com is not what you think of it, there is huge difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a hosting place for free and paid blogs while WordPress  is simply a well known blogging software. WordPress s a Content Management System (CMS) that you can download from WordPress.org website for free. You get a free WordPress Blog already setup when you register at WordPress.com.

WordPress is an open source software that means free to use, modify and distribute. WordPress is one of the most popular and recommended blogging platform. You have two choices with wordpress, you can have WordPress self hosted blog at any server or can use free WordPress blog at WordPress.com.

I have decided to write a WordPress.com review of free WordPress Blog mentioning few points to help you understand Why (Not) to Choose Officially hosted free WordPress platform.

FREE to use WordPress.com Blog

WordPress.com is free to use and will hopefully remain free forever. But some users end up getting upgraded to paid features at WordPress.com, because of growing need of blog and to get complete control over their blogs. You should also make a note that WordPress.com displays paid ads on your free blog to overcome their hosting and services bills, these ads generate revenue for WordPress.com.

WordPress.com Bandwidth, Space and Up-Time!

WordPress.com is a giant and provides you space in TB’s (1TB=1024GB, which is more than enough for any blog). You don’t have to worry about traffic or load on your free WordPress.com Blog. They provide Unlimited bandwidth with approx. 100% website up time.

Better Optimization and Maintenance:

WordPress undoubtedly the best blogging software. WordPress platform have loads of plugins available for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress Security, maintenance and different optimization. Plugin are small piece of programming codes that perform particular task if activated, just like widgets at Blogspot.com (plugins are surely better at WP). Blogspot.com widgets exist in dozens but WordPress plugin exist in hundred thousands.

The negative side of WordPress.com begins here!

No Domain Support For Free!

At WordPress.com you can’t host your domain with your free WordPress.com Blog. Which means I can’t use himanshunegi.xyz or example.com with my Free WordPress.com blog. To use your custom domain name with WordPress.com Blog you have to pay a small fee which is nearly equal to the cost of most web hosting packages.

Less Plugins and Limited Themes!

Plugins are very useful and important for WordPress. WordPress.com has a great database of reviewed plugins but you can’t upload external or customized plugins. When you create website with WordPress.com, you have lots of free as well as paid built-in themes to choose but I really never liked any free theme.

Unlike blogger.com or self hosted WordPress Blog you can’t even edit theme files and plugins to get customize sense. Customization is must in this competitive world.

No Monetizing and No Earnings!

Wow… Here comes the worst restriction. As I had already mentioned in 1st point that they display ads on your blog to generate revenue. Therefore they don’t allow you to place your ads (or any third party ads). If you’ll place ads like Google Adsense then they’ll remove it and can take further actions against you blog and WordPress.com account.

No Monetizing means No Earnings – No Revenue. If you’re a business blog you may not like to see your competitors ads displayed on you blog by Google Adsense.

WordPress.com Review: What to Choose?

WordPress.com is a nice service for all those who wants to blog for fun. You’ll like WordPress.com free blog If you want to share something or wants to raise your voice by blogging. But if you’re like me who wish to generate revenue and wants to earn huge sum with blogging then choose WordPress platform but host it on any other server under your control.

The secret about WordPress is that you can move it to any server and can enjoy the real power of open source WordPress. Choosing a Self hosted WordPress Blog is the best option and every blogger today is having self hosted WordPress blog.

I hope this WordPress.com review is helpful. Now I would like to know about your choice and what you are using currently for blogging and what you have planned for future?

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