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What is Android?

August 23, 2013GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

Android is a Linux based platform preferred for Mobile phones and it is developed and formed by Google. It is easily available to upload in mobile devices with which several mobile applications can be uploaded easily. It offers a complete development environment wherein the Linux program works effectively for hardware performance and security of files, networking and drivers. With Linux based Android the various smart phone functionalities can be improved such a media playback, graphics, web access, etc. With Android you can get excellent working platform to upload several applications and games for Android based Mobiles.what is android

Speciality of Android:

The speciality of Android is that among the several open source platforms available, Android is a flexible platform which can be easily accessed by those who possess good programming skills. In addition, it is easy to build and organize applications easily with Android. Above all unlike other mobile application platforms Android are freely available with no requirement for formalities or certifications are there. Application developers and people skilled in utilizing Android applications can get free access to UI layout, database management system, media assets, and other notifications with which they can bring out excellent applications for mobile devices.

Significance of Open market source:

Android open marketplace has become the main reason for being opted as the most frequently opted application development platform. It easily adapts UI and makes its presence in its best form for any mobile device. In addition, you can get the appropriate tools for creating applications for greater performance which in turn adopts in tune with the hardware available in the device. Hence, Android users can feel the ease of overall control over their UI.

Benefits of choosing Android as your mobile platform…

  • It is a bilingual platform with which mobile application developers can use either for Java or C or C++ programming languages. Hence, there are options to choose from.
  • It is a best option for touch screen mobile devices
  • Capable to run multiple applications at a time
  • The Application store concept from Android helps the users to easily make use of different software for gaming and other media applications
  • Its adaptability to synchronise with any type of phone device
  • Availability to operate and transfer many multimedia resources
  • External storage, multi tasking are also available with Android embedded device
  • Unique use experience can be enjoyed
  • Different versions of Android have been introduced which contains exclusive specifications and better performance

Recent Growth:

Within a short period of time Android based applications have become the favorite choice of multimedia mobile users. Hence, people can have access to unlimited applications available in Google Android application market. They can be downloaded for free of cost from the application store website. Game lovers specifically will have access to download thousands of gaming applications available online in application market of Android. Above all Android’s flexibility and adaptability allows the user to adjust variety of screen settings quickly and with ease.

Author Bio: Alka Verma is a blogger specializing SEO, SMO, technology and web hosting industry. Currently, she is working with Addictive Media (@addictives), New Delhi, India. She has authored several blogs on web Design, SEO, SMO, technology and hosting and these articles are very popular in the web & technology industry. 

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