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What a Website or Internet Knows About You?

April 30, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

If you are a little concerned about your privacy and wants to know how much a website or internet knows about you then believe me you will shocked to know the truth. All information supplied by you, your friends, your government and other agencies on internet are collectively enough to publish your biography.

Internet and websites knows your IP Address

The first thing that a website knows about you is your IP address (unique address assigned to your machine that is connected to internet). IP address is a 32bit binary address which can be written as in decimal. If you know IP address of a person you can easily guess their geographical location and ISP (Internet service provider). To know a little information about yourself make your way to http://www.whatsmyip.org/more-info-about-you/

What your browser tells about you?

Your browser is the software that helps you to browse the internet (eg. Internet explorer,  chrome etc). When you are viewing a webpage in your web browser at that time with a small piece of any code (javascript, php or any script) websites and internet are able to know your browser details (type and version), Operating system (type and version), device (type), the address of webpage from you came and where you will go, the amount of time you will spend and how often you came (with the help of cookies) are known and saved into log files.

What are Cookies and what they reveal about you?

Cookies are the small text files stored into your browser by websites that you visit for the purpose of storing user preferences, for example options, the contents of your shopping cart, or even usernames and passwords. Cookies can be easily viewed and will reveal which sites they originate from.

There is one site that can help you to understand what cookies can reveal about you. What The Internet Knows About You.

What facebook knows about you?

We all have personal accounts and profiles on facebook and other social networking sites and usually we keep most of them updated. All the information that is put onto facebook is not limited to facebook.

Application (or apps) on facebook are third party applications that are developed by individual programmers or IT companies and when you try to access these apps they ask you for your information and with just one click by you allows facebook to give them all the required information. As programmers or companies are bind with the policy of facebook that they should never misuse the info that they get from facebook but what if they do that? We can’t guess what’s happing into others mind.

Also, websites that allows logging with facebook account are also in the list who knows your name, email address, occupation, phone number, date of birth and everything available to them through facebook (your profile, friends name, your favourite and likes, your updates comments etc) with the help of API (application programming interface) released by facebook.

Any information left?

I don’t think there is any information left that isn’t revealed but this is not the only information they can get about you. Actually, with all the information that they have they can get hands on to other info, for instance if they know your email they can search it on social networking websites (LinkedIn, twitter etc) for your profiles and can confirm the details with your date of birth and phone number and may get your residential address and other information.

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Why all these information are revealed?

All the information that are being revealed by your computer or its softwares may be a threat to your privacy but all these information should be revealed or generated otherwise you will not be able to connect to Internet because in order to connect to the internet or any other network in the world there are always certain protocols that must be followed by everyone for the purpose of authentication and their safety of each other. If no information is tracked or logged then some malicious peoples can misuse these facilities and can harm you. Thus all the information that is being revealed or logged is ultimately beneficial for you.


Don’t worry and enjoy the web browsing expect if when you are a celebrity or billionaire 🙂 Remember only one thing on the internet –Never ever reveal your very personal details on internet (or email) like bank details, pins and password etc to anyone even if you got an email from your bank or word bank asking for updated information or verification for the purpose of sorting some problem or rewarding you with the 100 billion USD/GBP that you won in a lottery or may be left by your relative.

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