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6 Phases of Website Design and Development Process

May 2, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

There are numerous steps involved in the website development process from gathering initial information to creation of website and finally maintenance of website to keep it up to date. These 6 phases may slightly differ from developer to developer but generally basics remain same.

  • Information Gathering
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and Delivery
  • Maintenance

Explaining Each Phases of Website Design and Development Process

Information gathering

Information gathering is the most important part. In this phase your website designer will ask you different questions regarding purpose, goal and target audience of your website or blog. He will also ask you about the type of content to be published on the website.

Purpose: What will be the purpose of your website? Do you want to share information or wants to promote or sell something?

Goal: What is your main objective of creating website? Do you want to share information or earn money?

Target audience: Who will be your audience? For whom you want the website to be developed for? What is the age group of audience? To which group of society you want this site? What’ll be the Interest of your audience? Later on these questions will help to determine the best design for your website.

Content: What kind of information your target audience will be looking for on your site?

Planning Phase:

In this phase the designer will create a sitemap of your website that will list all important topics as well as sub-topic of your website. This site map decides navigation of you website and how your audience will locate information on the website, navigate on website will be friendly or not? A good user interface always provides easy navigation.

In planning phase your website designer or developer will also discuss about the technologies to be used on your website. Elements like interactive forms, ecommerce, flash etc.


The design or look of the website will particularly depend on the target audience. Keeping the target audience in the mind developer will select an appropriate design. Developer may create prototype designs to show you in a .jpg image file.

These steps or discussion will give the opportunity to express your views about the design and your needs. This phase is crucial it decides how you website will finally look.


In the development phase your designer will took off elements from the prototype you have selected to be converted into real one. This is done by creating a home page first and if it works fine then other pages will be added.

Elements such as interactive contact forms, flash animations or ecommerce shopping carts are implemented and made functional during this phase.

In this phase your designer should allow you to see the project in progress so that you can ask for any change you want.

Testing and Delivery:

In the testing phase the developer will test the website by viewing it on different browsers to ensure that website will look similar in all browsers. He will also see to it if all browsers interpret the code similarly and the website is designed according to standards or not.

Once everything is ok he/she will upload the website on server using FTP or any other technology and will again check to see if everything is working fine or not.

This phase will be the official launch of your website.


A website never gets completed because it always needs to be maintenance and should be updated according to new technologies and info. You and your designer have to always check the website after specific period to ensure if it’s working or not.

This step also includes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website which includes making correct title, description, keyword, words density and search engine submission of your website. Today SEO is crucial to decide whether website will perform well or not.

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