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List of Web Directories – Get High PageRank and Quality Backlink

May 7, 2017wp-himu3 Comments

Quality backlinks from a high PageRank Web Directories, play vital role in getting on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Web Directories submission is an important part of Off-page SEO.

Most Web Directories are Free to use and anyone can submit their website for listing. Some web directories provide dofollow backlink while other provides nofollow backlink but all listings are valuable and worth submitting.

List of Web Directories - Get High PageRank and Quality Backlink

List of Web Directories – Get High PageRank and Quality Backlink

Important Points to Know About Web Directories!

If you have no or less experience in Web Directory Submission then you must read these points otherwise feel free to skip to the list of Web Directories.

  • Some says, backlink from Web Directories worth nothing but I still believe in them. When this blog was new with only 6 articles published, I did free Web Directories Submission and got tempting PR2. In the first Gogole PR update the PageRank was good but latter I got PR -1 for some reason (explained latter).
  • Backlink from Web directories are important as they add your website in a category which holds similar websites and you get a quality link from a relevant page. Some web directories are really old and possess a good authority.
  • Most Web Directories are Free and they add your website for Free. There are some paid directories also available that charge yearly subscription fee for each listing. The paid listening may cost you $9 to $139/year depending on Web Directory. Yahoo directories is a paid Web directory.
  • Some of the free web directories ask you for a reciprocal link that means that you also have to link them in return of a link from their web directory. Most probably, you have to link them from your website homepage. Don’t remove the reciprocal link later as they many systems that periodically checks for reciprocal links on partner’s website (that means your website). When they find any webmaster to be guilty of removing their the reciprocal backlink, they also do the same and ban the website for future listening.
  • Most old and valuable web directories needs some time, weeks to months to review your website request for submission because of high no. of request they receive. So be patient and keep on building content in mean time and keep doing Web Directory submission.

Tips for Submitting Website to Web Directories

If you work for some SEO Agency then you probably know how to do this faster but if you have less or no experience in Web Directory submission then read these tips and methodology.

  • Think Before Submitting: Make sure the TITTLE, META DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS you choose are perfect. Once your website is listed in any web directory, then it’s difficult to make changes later. Take my example, when I started this blog I made website listing as “Himanshu Negi – Computer Enthusiast and Coding Lover” but then I am struggling to change it to “Himanshu Negi – Computer Blog”. Now I wish have something else. So, before you submit your website, do your proper Research.
  • Save your Time: As you want to submit your website to dozens of web directories today. You can’t waste your time writing same details again and again at each Web directory Submission. Therefore, open a text editor and prepare a perfect TITLE, META DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS for your blog and just copy-paste this details everywhere.
  • Choose Absolutely Free Subscription: As already mentioned, some web directories ask for reciprocal links and others are paid. I will suggest you to say no to reciprocal linking as there are three main reasons for that. Firstly, you ‘ll remove the reciprocal link or do it by mistake, and caught then you’ll will ban forever with no backlink. . Secondly, you link them from homepage and they will link you from a deep hidden page, you’re in loss. You’re not getting one way backlink and you’re passing more royalties to them. Third, if they didn’t approve you, your will link them for free because you’ll never realize that they removed/rejected your website’s listing.

I removed all reciprocal backlinks from my blog and got PR -1 (my Google PageRank changed from PR2 to PR1, Shocking!)

List of High PageRank Web Directories to Get Free Backlink

This is the list I try to update regularly. I haven’t used all of them but they are suggested by readers like you! Here the some PageRank 7, PR6 and PR5 Web Directories for you! These Web Directories are not just for getting free web directory link but they also send some traffic (If you get your website listed at proper place).

TOP 5 Free Web Directories having Google PageRank 7

  1. http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com/
  2. http://lilink.com/
  3. http://financebuster.com/
  4. http://www.freeprwebdirectory.com/
  5. http://www.dmoz.org/

Google PR 6 Web Directories for Free Backlinks!

  1. http://somuch.com/
  2. http://www.highrankdirectory.com/
  3. http://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com/
  4. http://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com/
  5. http://www.dirbit.com/
  6. http://www.ukinternetdirectory.net/
  7. http://jetjaws.com/
  8. http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com/
  9. http://www.archivd.com/
  10. http://www.69cyberline.com/

List of All High PageRank Web directories!

Here are some other High PageRank Web Directories for you 🙂 I still have to try most of them so keep me updated about the as some may ask you money or may not be available.

  1.  http://www.axelis.com/ PR = 5 
  2.  http://www.eurofind.biz/ PR = 5
  3.  http://www.mddccommunity.com/ 5
  4. http://slsites.com/ 5
  5. http://www.finditireland.com/ 5
  6. http://www.dirdir.info/ 5
  7. http://www.my-kerala.com/ 5
  8. http://www.a-free-directory.info/ 5
  9.  http://www.webdirectory-submit.com/ 5
  10. http://www.abilogic.com/ 5
  11. http://www.gandalfdir.com/ 5
  12. http://www.josh.nu/ 5
  13. http://www.linketeria.com/ 5
  14. http://www.londinium.com/ 5
  15. http://www.network-room.com/links/ 5
  16. http://www.rdirectory.net/ 5
  17. http://search.able2know.com/ 5
  18. http://www.siteinclusion.com/ 5
  19. http://www.my-india.net/ 5
  20. http://www.dramba.com/ 5
  21. http://www.worthwhilelink.com/ 5
  22. http://allfreethings.com/ 5
  23.  http://www.jamjaa.com/ 5
  24. http://www.megri.com/ 5
  25. http://www.mavicanet.com/directory/eng/ 5
  26. http://www.poddys.com/ 5
  27. http://www.pedsters-planet.co.uk/ 5
  28. http://directory.portalit.net/ 5
  29.  http://www.tsection.com/ 5
  30. http://www.coloradosph.org/ 5
  31. http://www.crcig.com/ 5
  32. http://www.cultuurtechnologie.net/ 5
  33. http://www.eu-directweb.com/ 5
  34. http://directory.lonelyway.com/ 5
  35. http://www.uk-web-index.co.uk/ 5
  36. http://www.infignos.com/ 5
  37. http://www.singaporesearchengine.com/ 5
  38. http://www.illumirate.com/ 5
  39. http://www.christianlinks.com/ 5
  40.  http://www.click2directory.com/ 5
  41. http://www.vision-iq.com/ 5
  42. http://www.withmyba.com/ 5
  43. http://www.addurl-free.com/ 5
  44. http://www.worldsbiggestdirectory.com/ 5
  45. http://www.777media.com/ 5
  46. http://www.buzznick.com/ 5
  47. http://www.directory.ldmstudio.com/ 5
  48. http://www.evenseek.com/ 5
  49. http://www.forage.in/ 5
  50. http://www.global-weblinks.com/ 5
  51. http://www.hydeparkbooks.com/ 5
  52. http://www.imadec.com/ 5
  53. http://www.jjhx.com/ 5
  54. http://www.jobmarketeconomist.com/ 5
  55. http://www.kacsca.com/ 5
  56. http://www.kiwidir.com/ 5
  57. http://www.masc.cc/ 5
  58. http://www.nju-jp.com/ 5
  59. http://www.permacharge.com/ 5
  60. http://www.rdarestructuring.com/ 5
  61. http://www.root-b.org/ 5
  62. http://www.sabuco.org/ 5
  63. http://www.secondwavesystems.com/ 5
  64. http://www.bulldogblog.net/ 6
  65. http://www.freeprwebdirectory.com/ 6
  66. http://www.sdrtin.com/ 6
  67. http://www.acsprf-ar.org/ 5
  68. http://www.africancouncilcomed.org/ 5
  69. http://www.airec.net/ 5
  70. http://www.auhana.com/ 5
  71. http://www.brandez.biz/ 5
  72. http://www.dinkumdeals.com/ 4
  73. http://www.golosun.com/ 4
  74. http://www.istoincluime.org/ 4
  75. http://www.ithacaforward.org/ 4
  76. http://www.iuiiw.com/ 4
  77.  http://www.chartanostra.org/ 4
  78. http://www.cisaudit.com/ 4
  79. http://www.cries-paca.org/ 4
  80. http://www.agaccess.com/ 4
  81. http://www.arxiugavin.com// 4
  82. http://www.bazzinpro.com/ 4
  83. http://www.blizzjd.com/ 4
  84. http://www.ccwos.com/ 4
  85.  http://www.cglegend.com/ 4
  86. http://www.dearbetty.com/ 4
  87. http://www.devoteclub.com/ 4

If you are interested in getting free backlink to your website then you might be interested in getting free backlinks to your latest published article too. You need to get free backlink from CommentLuv Enabled Blogs.

I hope this List of Free and High PageRank Web Directories is Enough for Today. Enjoy the Quality Backlink and Free Listing! Updated: July 2014.

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  1. Milay
    September 23, 2013

    Web directory is a good tool to increase backlinks, i always submit my links to bgtopweb.com/, it is really simple and the result is nice, the backlinks and visit ip from it are considerable

  2. abogados madrid
    December 2, 2013

    Nice information, I did not know about the disadvantages of reciprocal links, but now it make sense to me because it is human impossible to keep track of all reciprocal links, and makes your index page low quality because of all the links in your footer.

    I had try most of these directories, and choose the 2-3 month free link, it is the best choice.


  3. Loli
    February 18, 2014

    Most of them doesn’t work 🙁 But thanks!! ^^

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