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Unable to Write New Post on WordPress Blog – Solution

May 2, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

A few weeks ago I updated my wordpress blog as always recommended by wordpress and I find that I could no longer write a new post or even edit previous articles. When I faced this problem I was on slow network and therefore I thought interface/editor is not loading completely. But next time I faced same problem on high speed connection and I was sure that something is wrong.

The Problem: When you’ll try to write a new post on your blog you will not find the body part to be active and you can only edit the title part.

Solution to Write New Post on WordPress Blog

Update BPS – Bullet Proof Security:

You must be using BPS (bullet proof security) security plug-in on your wordpress blog. Update it and you’ll be able to write and edit post on your blog.

This same happened to me, I searched the web and on a forum I find some people mentioning BPS to be responsible for all this, so I updated the BPS and everything became normal.

The New Problem: Again wordpress released an update and after updating my blog I was in the same situation, I was unable to write and edit post.

This time BPS was already updated and everything was up to date so I decided to deactivate BPS but it didn’t help. My research started again and I found a temporary solution for this problem

Change Your Web Browser:

I searched the web and found a forum where some users were suggesting to try another browser and therefore I moved to Firefox from Opera (I love opera) and again everything is normal.

Some browsers available online for free are Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Do you have any other suggestions?

When I was searching for solutions on web I find some people suggesting different ways to overcome this problem like modify this or that code and something like that. So I want to ask you, do you have any other solution that really works?

I wrote this post so that you don’t have to waste hours and hours in searching for the same solution. If I will get any better solution for this nonsense I will update it here. Good luck and Happy Blogging!

More Help: http://alexwebmaster.com/visual-editor-gone-after-wordpress-update/

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