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20 Tools Every Blogger Should Know About – Tools for Bloggers

May 1, 2017GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

20 Tools Every Blogger Should Know About – Tools for Bloggers

Blogging is fun most of the time, but every now and again it becomes a little tedious. You may consider taking a break for a week or two, but you will lose viewers. Plus sometimes, you can fall into a writer’s slump where every word is an insult to silence (Samuel Beckett). Yet there are tools out there to schedule blog posts so you can write a few then take some time off.

tools for bloggers

List of Best Tools For Bloggers:

1 – Zemanta – Get more Readers to Blog

This tool will analyze your blog post for certain words and then will suggest images, links and tags that may be related to your post. It actually holds over ten million images that you can use via their licensing system.

2 – SEO Book – SEO Tool for Bloggers

This is actually a collection of tools that you can use for blogging and SEO. The tools include SEO based Firefox extensions and web browser tools that you can use to increase your traffic and manage your blog’s SEO.

3 – Windows Live Writer – The Bloggers Writing Tool

This tool is a blog editor that you can use to write and edit your blog posts. You can preview what they will look like before you publish them, and you can add elements such as images and videos.

4 – Veeeb – Semantic Editor – Write, Search, Share – All at Once

If you have a Drupal or WordPress blog then you can integrate this tool right into your blogging platform. It is an editor that also does semantic text analyses for you after which it will suggest relevant links.

5 – Trail-Mix

This allows you to store notes, images and web pages within your browser via a sidebar so that you can drop certain elements (including links) into your blog post.

6 – Springpad

This is a note taking tool that you can use to plan your blog, set reminders and alerts, and save your notes onto. It will help you to organize your thoughts.

7- Shareaholic – Readers Share your Blog Articles

This tool makes sharing your blog post a lot easier. It allows you to isolate your blog post and then share it amongst your social media profiles. It allows sharing through lots of social media sites.

8 – SEO Blogger – The SEO Tool

Find the best and most sought after keywords with this tool and then integrate them into your blog post. You can check to see which ones you wrote organically.

9 – ScribeFire

This extension can be used on multiple browsers. It allows you to write, edit and publish your blog post from your browser.

10 – Screenshots – Save Blog Articles as Snaps 

This simple tool allows you to take snapshots of your screen.

11 – Read-it-Later

You can use this tool to collect up research pages from the Internet and then store them so that you can read them later as you are actually writing your blog post.

12 – Qumana – Blog Editor and Blogging Tools

This is a tool that you can download and use to edit your blog, and then publish it from the same tool. It also allows you to tag and finish your blog post so that all you need to do is publish it.

13 – Poll Daddy – Allow Blog Readers to Poll

You can take polls with this tool. It allows you to take polls from different people who have read or looked at your blog post.

14  Pixlr Grabber

With this tool you can copy and save screenshots as images. You can then edit and adjust the screenshots and share them. It is good if you want to comment on something you saw on a web page.

14 – Ping-O-Matic – Inform Search Engine

This tool allows you to tell the search engines when you have updated your blog post or when you have posted a new blog post.

15 – Google Docs – Best Online Text Editing Tool

Using this tool you can access your blog posts from wherever you are. You do not have to be sat at your own PC in order to edit and upload your current and new blog posts.

16 – FireShot – capture and edit webpage screenshots

You can use this extension on Chrome, Firefox,  Thunderbird, Internet Explorer and SeaMonkey. It allows you to manipulate screen shots, including allowing you to store and organize them.

17 – Feedburner – A RSS Google Tool for Bloggers

This is an RSS management service. You will need this if you wish to have an RSS feed on your blog.

18 – Evernote – Take A Note

This is a very famous and very popular note taking tool.

19 – Dropbox – Tools for Synchronization

Use this tool to synchronize your files between your mobile devices and your computer. It is currently integrated with lots of apps for your convenience.

20 – Diigo – Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes, Online Bookmarking

With this you can annotate part of web pages with highlighters and notes. It is handy for planning your blog posts.

I hope you’ll be taking advantage of all these tools to make your blogging life easier and better. Don’t forget to share your experiences with these tools.

About the Author: Maria C. She is a freelance writer and a regular contributor for Scholar Advisor. She writes article on education, essay structure (www.scholaradvisor.com), writing and blogging.

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