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Major Symptoms of Computer Virus Attack on PC

May 2, 2017wp-himu1 Comment

In my previous article I have already written enough about computer viruses. In this article we’ll be trying to identify signs and symptoms of computer virus attack on our PC. To protect our PC’s from computer virus attack we are using different kinds of Antivirus software and other programs.  But unfortunately, even then our systems gets infected by these malicious software (mass media call them viruses). An average computer user is unable to understand when, why and whether his/her computer is infected or not. Now I am going to help you to identify these major symptoms of computer viruses and their existence on your PC.

Antivirus software gives us warning whenever it detects security threats.  Usually most antivirus program blocks computer virus and other malwares (malicious software) and showing us a warning message against our action when we unintentionally try to open a virus affected web page, file or devices (Pendrives, cd’s etc.). Therefore, I will suggest everybody to have an updated antivirus installed on their computer systems. Checkout our List of best Antivirus Softwares for windows (Free + Paid).

Symptoms of Computer Virus Attack

Computer Works Slower than Usual

computer virus

A slow computer that was working smoothly yesterday or few weeks ago indicates that something went wrong. The reason could be hardware failure, not compatible software or just a computer virus attack. A Sudden change in computer performance and computer showing signs of other computer viruses/symptoms confirms the existence of active computer viruses on your system.

Worms are a type malicious programs that are able to replicate themselves even without a computer user’s knowledge and intervention. Then each of them have capability to do something that makes your computer slow as they utilizes all your computer resources for their malicious activity. They can easily grow from a few to thousands in few minutes (or even seconds sometimes).

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open Task manager > Move to Performance tab and analyse the CPU usage. If CPU use is 90% or above then your home computer is likely to have been attack by computer viruses.

A Computer may also become slow with time due to heavy logs, cache and other temporary files. Therefore continuous cleaning and maintenance of a computer system is recommended.

Computer No Longer Boots Up (start)

You are unable to start you computer or simply the computer do not boots up. It’s also a symptom of computer virus attack as some viruses are able to modify BIOS of computer. BIOS stand for Basic Input Output Service that helps your computer to boot and more. BIOS is a firmware and not a software or hardware therefore it’s not something that you can easily repair. This type of attacks are serious and you can end up losing your piece of hardware.

There may be other reasons too for this issue such as corrupt operating system files or some hardware issue. This is not a sure symptom of computer virus attack.

Files and Directories Appears and Disappears

Files and directories appears and then disappears abnormally. These files have unusual names and icons. They may look like a Directory/folder but they are executable files.

New Folder Virus is able to creates unwanted folders and hides important folder. The folder it creates are not actually folders, they are only applications that looks likes a folder and makes your computer even more slow if clicked.

Hint: The folder that is hidden or the drive you are unable to open can be accessed by typing its actual path on address bar, press Alt+D (on my computer or my document folder/window) and type the correct path/address.

More Symptoms of Computer Virus Attack

  • AntiVirus Program Shows Warning, Computer Works Slower than Usual, Computer No Longer Boots Up (start), Files and Directories Appears and Disappears.
  • Antivirus program is disabled for no reason and it cannot be enabled again or re-installed and updated.
  • Strange dialog boxes or message boxes appear on the screen. Some of these are prank and some are adware. Adware are malicious software that shows unnecessary and unwanted ads to a computer user.

There are many ways to confirm a computer virus attack on a PC. I had mentioned only a few major symptoms of computer virus attack that an average computer user can understand to take appropriate actions.

Did I missed any other major symptoms of computer virus attack on PC? Leave a reply below! 

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  1. Julie Carrico
    March 29, 2013

    I have something to share here about signs when your computer has a virus.

    1. Computer Performance Degrades
    2. Takes forever to startup
    3. Toolbars and Tray Icons out of nowhere
    4. Your computer is infected!
    5. Your browser keeps crashing and/or you get a new home page
    6. You can’t access your task manager
    7. You can’t access your folder options or the preferences are read only.
    8. You can’t access the Windows Registry Editor
    9. Your CPU Usage is 100% all the time.
    10. Autorun.inf in your local or external drive

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