What is SEO? And Why, It’s important for Your Business?

SEO means top position for your business on the Google and Yahoo search engine. And it’s free source of targeted traffic. Top positions on the search engines means all the converting customers are yours. You can easily capture a huge portion of the market. More visitors to website means more leads and ultimately more sales.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is how SEO works. Whenever we need to find any information, service or product, we go to Google or Yahoo or similar searching website called search engines. Everybody do this now-a-days, and so do your potential clients.

Let’s take an example, you need some indoor plants for your home or office in Noida, then you will make some queries like – nursery in Noida, best nursery in Noida, indoor plants seller for home, plants seller for office in Noida etc. So, the top few website that will appear on the Google will grab your attention. And ultimately, you will be contacting one of these only. And you’ll become their customer. All these website are there (on the top) beating the rest of the competitors because they have done SEO well.

SEO is significant.

Now the fact is – thousands of people every month are making searches related to your business and services on the Google right now. There are currently 3.5 billion searches made on Google each day.

Your business needs top position on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Pre-Requisite for SEO

The first thing you need is a website.

The second most important thing is content. To create content for your website – you need to do keyword research. You have to find all top keywords (words and phrases) with high traffic volume and close relevancy to your product or services. These are the keywords that your potential customers are using on the Google to find similar products or services. Now, you have to create content revolving around each keyword.

How to do SEO?

SEO means to create a website that is loved by search engines and the readers as well. SEO isn’t a magic. You have to follow few instructions set by the Google and Yahoo.

These rule are divided into two broad categories – ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO.

SEO is a technical thing. But, I will try to explain it in simple English words.

What is ON-PAGE SEO? How it is done?

ON-PAGE SEO means all the SEO activities that are done on your website. Following is the check list of ON-PAGE SEO.

  • Good Looking and well-designed website – website should be well coded, it should be use-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Fast loading website – nobody likes slow website – not even Google and Yahoo. Website should not take more than 3 seconds in any condition.
  • A mobile friendly website – website should open on desktop as well as on mobile and other devices.
  • Content Quality and Length – Well researched content. Should be meaningful and have some conclusion, content should be fresh, copied content won’t work, content should not be thin – write at least 500 words.
  • Proper Use of keywords – Title and heading of articles should have main keywords, primary keywords should be used in the beginning of the article and at the end paragraph too, primary keyword should be used at least 2-3 times in the article.
  • Meta title and description – These are important details about your webpage. There is an appropriate length described for both that should be followed, primary focus keyword should be present here.
  • Internal Linking – you articles should be linked properly with each other in a meaningful way and should be accessible on click.
  • Images should be optimised –good quality images but smaller in size are preferred, all images should have alt=”” tag text to let Google and Yahoo know more about the image.
  • HTTPS should be used – This safety feature safeguards your visitor’s data online when they fill it on your website.
  • Bounce Rate – Website visitors should love your website information. If they are leaving your website after visiting just a single page (calculated as bounce rate) and do not check other pages then it hurts your SEO.

These are some of the basic ON-PAGE SEO stuff. We have to follow these rules and parameters. If we do not follow these – we hurt our SEO.

Poor SEO results in poor ranking on Google. That means no visitors and no sale!

What is OFF PAGE SEO? How it is done?

OFF-PAGE SEO means all the SEO activities that are done beyond your website (everything is off the page).

The major part of OFF-PAGE SEO is backlink building.

Backlinks means when someone mention you on their website and gives a link to your website so that their visitors can visit to your website. This is counted as vote or recommendation. The higher the number of recommendation the better.

Backlinks should be gained from reputed websites. And when these backlinks from same industry website it works better.

So, if you’re doing OFF-PAGE SEO – you have the following checklist.

  • Create Social Media accounts for your business – even business page and groups are recommended on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Create business listing on all popular website – classifies sites, B2B website, Buy-Sell website.
  • Guest Blogging – You write content on others website being an expert on the subject and gain backlinks and traffic. Not all websites allow guest blogging.
  • Backlinks from Image website – If you have creative images then you can upload these on some website like deviantart.com, picasa.com and flickr.com
  • Publishing articles, paper and documents – sites like slideshare.com, scrib.com, and academia.edu wants you to upload documents.
  • Uploading Videos and Podcast – Youtube.com and Vimeo.com like websites allows you to add video and backlinks to website.
  • Blog commenting – When you read articles on your business related blogs, you can comment there with your name and website (if they allow that).
  • Forum subscription – When you discuss something related to your business – you can mention your website.
  • Bookmarking and Content aggregating website – There are website that curate content or piece of content from all over the Internet on particular topic and niche. You can add you website in appropriate categories.

All these activities help to reach newer audience, newer website and gain reputation as well as few backlinks.

How much Time you have to Invest?

When you already have a website and well prepared content published on it. You can begin SEO.

Depending on the size of the website – it will take a week for ON-PAGE SEO. While OFF-PAGE SEO is a continuous on going matter. You keep on doing it unless you are on the top of Google or Yahoo.

It’ll take at least a month to see initial results. You’ll be able to find your website on the 3rd or 4th page of Google. Gradually with time it will move to the first page and top position – if SEO is done well.

To see the complete results it could take around 3 to 6 months. While SEO for a year is highly recommended.


SEO is great. SEO means free traffic. You’ll get more leads and ultimately more conversions.

But SEO is also the most time consuming and labour intensive work. But the worth is all worth it!

Once you are on the top of Google and Yahoo for valuable business keywords. You have to sit relax and watch these visitors turning into paying customers.

If you’ll contact me, I can come up with a master SEO plan for your business that will bring your business to the top of Google. Plus, we are capable of doing SEO for your brand. Let’s discuss – call me now.