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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

May 8, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the techniques and strategies that we follow and perform to make our content (here content is article) rank higher at google (and other search engines) for certain desired keywords.

For example, searching for keyword “Himanshu Negi” at Google yields Himanshu Negi: Computer Blog (himanshunegi.xyz) as 1st result. Did you notice? There are too many results and some competitors too but why did only my blog came up on the top? Why did others have the position 2nd, 3rd and 4th instead of 1? The simple answer is SEO, my search engine optimization for that page is better than competitor’s webpage therefore google placed me on the top. 

Why do we do SEO? Importance of SEO!

We do SEO to impress Search engines as it alone contributes more than 80% of traffic to almost all blogs. Search Engines are different from humans and we have to prove them that our website is most valuable and the only way to prove this is SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for everyone if you don’t do proper SEO then you can’t expect to come up on top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

The truth is that Majority of traffic to websites comes via search engine (google, yahoo and Bing etc) and not from social networking sites or any other place. I also receive 80% traffic via Search Engine only and if you want to receive search traffic you have to do proper SEO. Read about Google and SEO to understand how everything works.


SEO tactics can be broadly divided into two categories viz. On Page and Off Page!

On page SEO includes all the SEO tactics that are under your control. This includes all the SEO things that you do on your blog like creating Proper Title, Keyword Density, and Internal Linking etc.

Off page SEO includes all the SEO tactics that are not directly under your control. This includes SEO strategies to get high quality backlinks from all over web.

Which SEO is Important?

Both SEO’s (On page + off page) are very important! If you want to rank best then you can’t ignore anyone. Both SEO techniques are compliment to each other and perfect result can be achieved only when both of them are done properly.

Importance of Keyword in SEO 

SEO is all about KEYWORDS, when someone looks for some information at Google, he/she uses keywords to find information (NOT your website’s name). As there are millions of websites and no one can just remember or guess which website can contain what so they make google search (to reach desired website or webpage). No one will ever know what you’re publishing until they’ll find you via some search engine. Therefore you have to focus on particular Keywords and key phrases so that you rank higher for those keywords and when someone searches for those keywords they should reach to your website 🙂

When writing an article ALWAYS put all important keywords in title as well as sub-titles otherwise your article will NEVER perform the way you like it.

Getting Backlink (OFF PAGE SEO)

Backlinks are crucial part of SEO. Even if your ON PAGE SEO is not good, proper Backlinks strategy can really do magic for you. Backlinks simply boost you ranking on Google (not on yahoo) and as Google contributes majority of traffic to most blogs you should start building backlinks right now!

Backlinks are counted as votes and recommendation by Google. The more the backlink the better will be the result. There are two types of backlink viz. nofollow and dofollow. Nofollow links are the links that do not pass any authority or link juice (to linked page) and those which are not nofollow are dofollow links.

Web Directories: I had already listed high PageRank web directories that can surely help you achieve a good ranking. Some tips are also mentioned, don’t forget to read them.

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs (High PageRank): CommentLuv blogs are those blogs that gives backlink to your website as well as one link to you latest published post. Some Commentluv also provide dofollow backlinks.

Hopefully I will add more links here. So stay tuned and enjoy the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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