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What is Self Hosted WordPress Blog? Benefits and Cost involved in Creating!

May 6, 2017wp-himu2 Comments

A self hosted wordpress blog (wordpress.org) is completely different from wordpress.com blog. A wordpress.org (or simply wordpress) is a blogging software, a content management system (CMS) that allows you to blog in a very friendly environment with all features unlocked and ease of just one click installation (blog installation at web hosting), media upload and article publishing. While wordpress.com is a hosting site where you can find wordpress installed.

Wordpress.com is a popular place for creating free blogs (and websites) but you can’t earn or grow with a free version as it’s free but with limitations and you have to finally upgrade that cost much-much higher than any other paid reliable web hosting. Yes, you can of course write unlimited post and can upload media files but you’ll always be restricted someway and to harness the real power of wordpress you have to move your blog to self hosted wordpress blog.

A free wordpress.com blog’s address looks like www.himanshunegi.wordpress.com and self hosted wordpress blog’s address looks like www.himanshunegi.xyz.


Benefits of Self Hosted WordPress Blog (over WordPress.com)

Wordpress (self hosted) is simply much better than wordpress.com. I have previously written a wordpress.com review and had mentioned why you shouldn’t choose it. WordPress premium features get unlocked only when you have self hosted wordpress blog.

Custom Domain Name: Self hosted wordpress blog allows you to have your custom domain work with your blog. You can use www.yourdomain.com for your website/blog. Actually your web hosting provides you this feature. Most popular paid hosting provides free domain name with self hosted wordpress blog but at wordpress.com you have to carry unnecessary wordpress.com part with you and most good looking wordpress sub domains are already taken.

Unlimited Plugin and Themes: You can upload, search and can use all popular free and paid wordpress themes and plugins to suit to you needs. Plugins at self hosted wordpress blog make our life easier it can be used for SEO, Social Sharing, and for all most everything. There are millions of plugins available.

Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, 100% Uptime: When you have a paid hosting plan you’ll get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and nearly 100% uptime for self hosted wordpress blog depending upon the hosting that you’ll purchase.

Full Control and Editing Ability: With self hosted wordpress blog you can edit any file or theme to suit to your needs. Ability to backup files via FTP (file transfer protocol) or local download. But at wordpress.com even programmers and web developers can’t edit anything for you because nobody has the authority on free version.

Monetize Your Blog to Earn: The best thing is that you can put any types of ad on your blog to monetize you blog. You can use google adsense, direct advertising or both.

Cost Involved in Creating and Setting Up

Different host have different prices and plans but generally a self hosted wordpress blog cost $50 to $120/year (hosting and domain cost). This isn’t a big amount and most of you will get this amount before your third month of blogging. If you doubt skills or don’t believe you can shoot me a mail and I’ll guide you.

The most reliable paid web hosting for self hosted wp is Bluehost (Officially Recommended by WordPress for self hosted wordpress blog), Hostgator, Dreamhost and Fatcow. Some other most loved paid hosting that are also #1 domain registrars are Godaddy and Bigrock (India). No other hosting is recommended to anyone.

The setting up fees is $0 with most of above mentioned popular hosting, they’ll setup it for you for free otherwise you can always reach me.


Wordpress Self hosted blog is yours and you’ll be having all control over it. WordPress is recommended by all experts and pro, even I also strongly recommend wordpress. Self hosted WordPress at most reliable and paid host cost you less than any other blogging platform including wordpress.com and some free web hosting.

Why you should waste your time and efforts with free host when you can’t make money with them and you can lose your blog any time!  Yours and your blog’s potential will always be diminished without a self hosted wordpress blog and you’ll blame yourself! Therefore it’s best idea to go with self hosted hassle free wordpress blog.

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  1. janice germano
    March 30, 2014

    hi, this article is very informative.. i started blogging last year but i only posted a few of my articles on my free wordpress blog. i have a lot of unposted articles which i’ve been very eager to post if i find the best webhost.. been reading a lot about how to start a website but im really having a hard time choosing, whether to go with blogger or wordpress.. and your articles might finally influence me to go for wordpress.. my blogs are of different types. i have reviews, my experiences as a mom, and my love for investing and saving.. and this is also one of the reasons why im still confused on what site to create because im not sure of what niche to choose.. i hope u could advise me on what niche to choose or is it also good to make a more personal blog like sharing/blogging anything about me and my experiences.. btw, i wanted to create a blog and make money out of it.. im ok to pay for self hosted blog as long as it’s affordable and i hope u can advise me more about this.. thanks and hope to hear from u soon…

      April 30, 2014

      Hi Janice, you are right that self hosted wordpress blog is the best choice esp. when you want to earn some money by blogging. The niche and topics you are talking/thinking is already covered by many moms and some marketing guys so you can view a few of their blogs to get some ideas.

      I will suggest you to get started as soon as possible, don’t forget to do some research and planing. Choosing a reliable web host and a good domain name will cost you around $50/year but you’ll earn many times more than that. Good Luck!

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