Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing ensures that your business appears on the top of Google (and Yahoo etc) because everyone is using Google to find information, products and services. In SEM, we run paid ads with Google for gaining top positions instantly.

We also do business listing, content marketing and search engine optimization for capturing maximum visibility on search engines but these process usually requires time (few weeks to months).

Every day, more than 3.5 billion searches are made on Google. Similarly, your potential clients are doing the same. They are searching for products and services that you offer. You must appear on the top of Google.

Moreover, your competitors are already there at the top of Google and they are making money right now with these new customers.

Example: We do some research and identify some valuable business keywords related to your business such as “best lawyer in Mumbai”, “property dealer in Delhi” or “bags for college students” etc. Now, we pay Google to display our business ads (website, phone number etc) whenever our target audience (filtered audience based on age, location, gender etc) searches for these keywords on Google.

Time Required: Should be less than a week (to set up and see the initial results).

Requisite: A contact number. A landing page on the website. [Landing pages are special pages on the website that are intentionally designed to capture leads and generate sales]

Reward: Once we identify some valuable searching terms, that brings sales and clients. We run our business ads on those search terms. Then, we try to optimize them for even lower costs and higher returns. New clients will keep coming till we are paying Google for advertising clicks.