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The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Roundup Smartphone and Its Features

March 26, 2013GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

Samsung recently released their newest flagship smartphone the S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the update from the previous best selling S3 and even takes away most of its design. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a 5 inch screen and tons of new hardware.

Starting with the 5 inch screen it’s an AMOLED 1920×1080 resolution display with a pixel per inch of 441. Trumping most of the current competitions out there including the retina display. CPU wise it sports either a 1.6 Ghz octa core or 1.9 Ghz quad core depending on your region. Other technologies include 4G LTE, bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and a brand new 13 megapixel camera.

galaxy-s4-round up

As with any upgrade you see the typical hardware bumps though with the release of the S4 samsung featured a variety of new software upgrades. Running the latest version of Android 4.2 Jelly bean their new S4 brings some new things to the table.

A big amount of features is seen in the new camera with modes like burst shot (1-100 pictures in 4 seconds), dual shot (takes a picture with both cameras simultaneously ) and bunch of other photo effects.  Samsung also unveiled a line of new air features which come off a bit gimmicky. Air view allows you to hover your finger over the screen in order to get a preview of things like documents, emails, and so on. Air gesture is similar though it allows you to use air gestures through the air to scroll through web pages, music tracks, and other apps. A wide range of Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases will also be available across the internet and the high streets.

Along with these new features Samsung has their typical branded apps on such S-translator, S-Voice, S-health, etc. They tout the new S4 as your “Life Companion” and with all the hype is it much of an upgrade from the S3? Some view it as the apple scheme of upgrades from one model to an S model. While the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a big new screen,  in my opinion a bit to big with great amounts of hardware and new software features its the same feel as that of the S3. Of course there is improved battery life and so on but the future of this device is interesting as you see the big move away from google and the whole samsung branding with this phone.

The S4 prices have yet to be announced and it’ll come in variations of 16, 32, and 64 GB models with expansion in the SD card slot. Samsung has done great things with this device though I still feel a ton of the software features are just those things you’ll use once and forget about. The eye tracking, gestures, tilt to scroll and so on are great and new innovative tech to see in a smartphone but there real world uses are yet to be determined.

In this smartphone market the Galaxy S4 offers a lots hardware wise but nowadays hardware doesn’t mean as much. The phones are always getting faster and Apple one of the leaders in the industry has shown the latest and greatest doesn’t always matter. Software is the big thing and for that matter applications really do make up the phone. While the S4 is a powerhouse we’ll have to see how it goes over with users when it hits release and more importantly how the competition will respond.

Article Credit: http://www.ace-case.co.uk/ (Mobile Phone Cases)

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