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How to Root Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro – Device Rooting Process

October 10, 2016GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

The Sony Xperia Mini Pro has been in the market for quite some time now, and sales are still going steady. In 2011, Sony Ericsson launched the Xperia Mini Pro model that was the minor upgrade version of the model- Xperia Mini. One of the reasons for the immense popularity of the device is the Custom ICS Rom. To get the ICS update you will have to root your device first, and this can be done by following the instructions stated below. How to Root Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro – Device Rooting Process.

Requirements to Root Xperia Mini Pro

To start up the initial process, you have to do the few things, like install the necessary drivers that are suitable for your device. Moreover, USB debugging should also be enabled by going to the style–> “font-style:italic” then go to Settings—>Applications and then to Development. By setting Applications under the Settings category you can also “Enable Unknown Sources” on the Xperia Mini Pro device.

This process is meant for all those devices running on v2.1.1.A.0.6 and not any other version. To be more precise, this tutorial has been made keeping the Windows 7 operating system. Before starting the process charge your battery fully and make a back- up of all that has been stored in your device like files, docs, images, messages, call logs, mms and so on because after the rooting is over all data may be wiped off. And lastly it is recommended to increase the timeout of your screen to ten minutes.

The Necessary Downloads

The file called “superOneClick.rar” has to be downloaded from the internet.

The Rooting Process

By this time, you must have already downloaded the file on our local computer. Now start with your device as follows-

1. USB debugging has to be enabled in our device. For doing so you will have to go to menu, then to settings, then to applications, then to development options and then choose the USB debugging icon.

2. Now get your smartphone connected to your local computer and let Windows 7 install any drivers that are essential.

3. From the folder that has stored the downloaded file you will have to run it on your device.

4. Next choose root and the process will start.

5. As soon as the process of rooting is over application will notify that the process has been completed.

Another Simpler Rooting Alternative

X10root.apk is a file that can be launched in your device by the browser. File manager can be used to run it on your device.

1. First enable third part apps option on your device.

2. Then run the file on your device.

3. Easy instructions will appear on the screen, and they will have to be followed.

4. Tapping the screen while the process is going on will reverse the process so use the home button instead after the process is finished.

Terminal apps can also be used instead to root your device.

With the help of these rooting processes, you can remove the limitations on the Xperia Mini Pro and can explore the potential of the Android based open-source platform.

For more information regarding Android apps, Gadgets and tutorials about rooting or updating them, please www.androidnectar.com.

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