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Learn How To Perform A Quick Laptop Repair

October 13, 2016GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

Having a laptop or a computer that suddenly starts doing something it shouldn’t, or it stops working altogether can be both frustrating and annoying, and if you can manage to repair it yourself it can save you a lot of money. With so many laptop problems that can occur it is impossible to cover them all, but some happen a lot more than others so this article will show you how to perform a laptop repair without requiring much technical knowledge.

1) Your laptop slows to a crawl and you can hear the cooling fan

This will usually signify that your cooling ducts are either blocked or you are not allowing enough air flow into the system. You should always have your laptop on a flat surface, never on something soft like a bed as this causes overheating which in turn slows the system and will shorten its life.

Always vacuum the air ducts once a month and use a cooling pad, if the after doing that the internal fan is still always on, take the back off the laptop while it is unplugged and the battery is disconnected and vacuum inside. If that does nothing, go to your Power settings in the Control Panel and switch to Power Saver mode, this should help keep the laptop cooler.

2) Laptop crashes/Blue screen warnings.

If you suddenly find that your laptop starts crashing or rebooting for no reason then this is usually due to either a virus or some software that has recently been installed.

Solved: “Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs To Restart” In Windows 8

The quickest way of performing a laptop repair for this kind of problems is to run a System Restore to a date before the problem arose. You may not have installed software yourself but a virus or a Windows Update may have done it automatically.

If that fails to fix the issue then boot in Safe Mode (Reboot and press F8 every 5 seconds until the menu appears), and once you are in the stripped down version of Windows do an Anti-Virus scan (Never install more than one as this can cause a laptop to crash).

Link: List of best Antivirus Software for windows (Free + Paid)

3) System boots up but then reboots during the point Windows tries to load

Sometimes Windows itself can get corrupted and no matter what you try and do it just will not get as far as loading the Desktop. The best solution for this is to run the System Repair from your Windows disk. This will then check your installation for any problems and repair them.

4) Your monitor flickers on and off

The first thing to do here is update your graphics driver to see if that fixes it.

After that, check the small ribbon that goes from the screen to the motherboard which can become damaged and this is what causes a number of screen issues. If you move the screen while it is on and it flickers then you usually need to open up the laptop and clean the ribbon and make sure it is correctly installed.

Doing a laptop repair may be easy, then again it may be complex, but trying a few things yourself may fix it so you do not need to take it into a shop. Article Credit: http://www.laptoprepairservice.co/

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