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Do PTC Websites Really Pay? Paid To Click Scam?

December 24, 2012wp-himu2 Comments

PTC websites as the name defines are the website that pays you to click ads. PTC stands for “Paid To Click”. Before I tell you whether paid-to-click websites really pay or not I would like to tell everyone why do PTC websites pays you? Who are paying them? What are their benefits? how do they work and finally the million dollar question, Do PTC websites really pay? Paid to click is a Scam or What? I am going to give you all the answers.

Why Do PTC Websites Pays and Who are Paying them?

paid to click PTCPTC websites’ pays you to click ads, ads are provided to them by their clients (the real advertisers). For the real advertisers you all PTC members are the potential clients.

Now a PTC website gets a task to promote the real advertiser’s website, then they will simply ask you to visit those promotional pages in return of some cents or credits. Now, hundreds (or even thousands) of PTC members will accomplish the task of viewing advertiser’s website or product to get paid/credit by PTC websites.

In this way, the real advertisers hoping to get potential clients through huge PTC members base will pay PTC website (to promote their product or website) and you’ll will get paid by PTC website. This sounds simple and interesting!

Most PTC website don’t have real advertisers and they just advertises other PTC websites to refer you there and earn referring commission. Beware of such useless PTC! Most PTC websites try these tactics to survive in the PTC market, but they can’t. Some PTC website has real advertiser that pay them regularly.

The real advertisers list include owners of other PTC websites, money making scheme websites – gambling website, lottery etc., new website that needs their free product to be distributed, Who wants website page-views because they sell premium ads on the basis of per thousand views, fake-fraud websites – usually looking for greedy audience who wants money and they finally cheat them (PTC members got cheated by fake advertisers), someone who collects user info, want to grow their follow base. In short, the real advertisers of PTC websites are really not good and with PTC websites you do the work (for money) that you don’t really wants to do. 

How Do PTC websites Manages to Make Money?

I have already told you the source of PTC websites income but they have to share the money with their members. So how do they manages the money and other things?

PTC websites usually promises their advertisers to provide 1k hits for just $3-5. Now most of the paid-to-click sites never provides the actual amount to save money.

Other aspect about earnings of Paid-to-click website members is that most of them never reaches a payout amount – the threshold. Site admin keeps that money too to run business successfully.

Compiling all the information, Paid-to-click websites at most get $5 in return for providing 1K unique views (each view cost = $0.005). They usually provide 800 views to save $1 (200*$0.005). Now at least 300 users out of 1000 never reaches payout, it means 300 views saved and never have to pay them (saving $1.5 = 300*$0.005). Now $2.5 is distributed among 500 Paid-to-click members, each gets $0.005.

But the thing we forget above is that when PTC receives $5 payment they immediately deducts $1 as their commission to manage the whole systems, run website and to pay admin & any other employ, if any. So at the end we have $1.5 ($5-$1-$1.5-$1) and that amount is distributed among 500 members (each gets $0.003).

Then with the $0.003 amount, you play lottery and games to lose this amount too! how profitable (not for you)! The simple formula is that you have to watch around at least 1k ads before you redeem your first dollar. That’s bad!

The another fact is that site admins also don’t enjoy much money. Why? Because They pay $20-200 initial capital for building or purchasing website. They pay $3 per month for hosting paid-to-click website on any server and $10 for registering a domain name. Finally to maintain website they pay $50 every 6 months (errors usually appear and site admins usually can’t rectify them). They also pay other PTC website owners to advertise them and usually spend $100 here. Then In the first six month paid-to-click owner usually pays $20-100 to members who help to get other members (referral system) and ask for money.

In complete case, they usually spend around $500 in first 6 months and to cover these cost they need to give 500,000 page views to earn $500 but again this amount needs to be shared among paid-to-click website members. Then earnings starts, which is already described how – $4 out of $5 is shared among 500 members out of 1000.

All the above maths were simple as we didn’t calculated the money for the referral that referred you to paid-to-click site and was promised to earn 15% of your earnings. Your referrer will also when someone referred by you earns (many level deep earnings smart scheme). These earnings or referral levels may be as deep as 15 level, Just Think!!

Do PTC Websites Really Pay?

Yes they pay but chances are rare as I mentioned earlier, most of members never reach threshold amount to achieve a payout. PTC websites also have some tricks to troll you. They may identify you as a cheater, can suspend your account, may ask you for some donation or can ultimately force you to become a premium member before you try to redeem your money. In this way there are much more chances that you pay them instead of getting paid. (LOL – A hard Laugh!)

Just think! How could they pay you when they are selling 5k hits for just $2 (25 hits for 1 cent) and promising to pay you 1 cent for each click/hit and threshold is $5. Are they really going to pay you? NO! (refer to previous maths, it su*ks!)

How do Paid-To-Click Harms your Image?

All PTC websites have a referral program i.e. you can earn money by making your friend join PTC website with your special traceable link. You earn a certain amount and some percent of their earning awhen they successfully join and earns something. As expected these website usually go down soon without paying you and your friend’s money, then your friend(s) starts blaming you for wasting his/her time and efforts instead of blaming those poor sites.

My Experience with PTC (Paid to Click)

When I was a newbie on Internet. I easily got impressed and joined all possible PTC (Paid to click) and GPT (Get Paid To, instead of paying to watch ads they pay to complete task – Another headache!) websites without using my brain.

Anyway, I was innocent and got some really bad hurting experiences with them that everyone faces (while earning money) and therefore I want to make every newbie aware of these PTC (Paid to Click) scam websites. Long story in short, After 2 years when I joined internet again I find 90% of them were dead permanently.

I remember all these sites even after two years because I had created a website with all referral links compiled there. I spammed many communities to make others visit my website and got some other fools like me as my referral.

When I find 90% of them dead which I somehow was expecting because in last 2 years I was grown up and was having understanding of economy and money making. I still earn money online but not with PTC or GPT etc. schemes! I stay far away from paid-to-click websites (including GPT and other money making scheme) and recommend same to you!

(Hint: This website helps me earn, ads are displayed by Google and I also charge different types of advertising fee on this blog from real advertisers. Digg the Web-Development category for more info!)

Conclusion: The Sad Truth about PTC Websites

Conclusion is clear, you aren’t going to get rich with these Paid to click websites because you will never reach the threshold amount (or minimum payout). You are lucky that you are reading this article.

Never join these company of poor guys/pirates who are creating PTC websites to earn money and ask  others to click ads again and again just like a robots who don’t have brains till today and exists only to perform a particular task.

Instead of wasting time with these PTC sites, find a real job or focus on your studies and future goals or else create you own website to earn.

Best of Luck! *Beware Teenagers*!

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  1. Nikol
    May 13, 2013

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  2. Russ Benk
    October 3, 2013

    I agree with most of your post. The most difficult part of getting into paid to click is finding sites that will actually pay you. For every site that will pay there are about 100 that will scam you. I have been paid many times by a handful of trustworthy sites, however. You are correct that PTC is not a way to get rich, but I find that you can earn some extra money.

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