What is Online Advertising? How it can grow your Business?

When we talk about online advertising, it means reaching new customers online for growth and sales via paid means. If you are responsible for bringing new customers to a business then online advertising can play a vital role. The purpose of paid advertising is to bring results quickly. At the same time, you can work on other long term digital marketing strategies which might prove equally beneficial but my cost less.

The term online advertising, Internet marketing, web advertising, digital advertising etc. all refers to marketing and advertising done through the use of Internet to convey advertising messages.

How Online Advertising Works?

We generally target our customers on Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Quora or LinkedIn. We can also advertise on other popular website too (if they allow it), it all depending upon our requirements.

Customers usually view our ads in either banner, video or text format. Firstly, we choose a platform for advertising (such as Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.) and then the ads format and target audience is selected.

If viewers finds our advertisement interesting and meaningful they interact with it. They can visit our website to know more.

Now, they either leave their contact details or contact you directly through the contact information available on the website.

Why Your Business Needs Paid Advertising?

Where Can I do Online Advertising?

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Quora Ads

Linked Ads

Banner/Text Ads on the Internet






Display advertising or PPC is just like banner advertising that we do in real life.

The only difference is that in real life scenario, we need multiple banners at multiple places to reach a few hundred people every day. These people are usually not even our target audience.

But with PPC, we can easily reach thousands of people in less than an hour. We just need a banner to display to our highly targeted audience.

As a business owner or service provider, you can display your ads on Internet almost everywhere. You can pay the social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), Different Blogs, Forums and News Website to do so.

Time Required: Should be less than a week (to setup and see the initial results).

Requisite: At least a landing page on the website. (Landing pages are webpages on a website that are intentionally designed to capture more leads and generate higher conversions).

Reward: Once you have found a profitable search term that bring you more client and sales. You just have to keep paying Google for that keyword and position. In the meantime, you can use SEO to get there and then may be you can stop paying further for that position and keyword.