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MyBlogGuest Review: Are you looking for Free Guest Post?

May 13, 2017wp-himu2 Comments

Recently, I was on ‘Guest Post Hunt’ and was looking for free guest for my blog. Fortunately, the ‘Guest Post Hunt’ was quiet successful and all the credit goes to MyBlogGuest. So, in this post I am going to review a few features of MyBlogGuest.

My Blog guest (MBG) is a free community that connects guest bloggers to blog owners. I was already having an account at MBG (MyBlogGuest) but never cared to look at the site thinking it to be an average forum or community. But recently I thought of taking a look at the MBG after 6 months of signup and I was really amazed to see the number of interested guest authors who were looking for blogs to publish their guest posts.


MyBlogGuest site is quiet user friendly and easy to understand site. In just a few minutes I figures out everything, took a look at forum and found that hundreds of offers are being made for both blog owners as well as guest authors. Some were looking for guest post while some were looking for blogs to publish their post.

After viewing site for few couple of hours I decided to try my luck and created a thread at MBG requesting guest post for my computer-tech blog. I didn’t get any offers that day but next day in the morning when I login into my MBG dashboard I got a request from a guest author and then I reviewed his article and published it on my blog. The Guest Authors’ offers didn’t stopped and I’m still enjoying being a member of MBG.

MyBlogGuest didn’t just stop at forums or thread; there are three more features that everyone must try.

The first is Article Gallery where pre-written articles on different categories are showcased. Nobody can view the complete article (otherwise anyone can steal it) and you have to make request to get that article by just clicking a ‘Request Article’ button and if author of article agrees to give it to you then you’ll get a notification and you can just publish it. Once you have published the article, it will be taken off from gallery and now no one can publish it again! Simple and Incredible!

Second feature is Infographic gallery and just like Article Gallery you can request any Infographic on any topic for free and can even ask author to change the Topic or Article to suit your needs and write something fresh for you.

Third is Request for Article feature! I didn’t try it yet because if I have any topics in mind then I can write it myself. Anyway, the ‘request for article’ is a feature in which you can mention a few topics and can ask guest authors (who are looking for blogs) publically to write for you on those topics if they interest them!

All these above mentioned features and active MBG community helps everyone to get good amount of free and fresh content for you blog. I recommend MyBlogGuest to everyone!

If you are looking for more ways to get free guest post for your blog then I have a few more tips for you, consider trying them too!

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  1. Ann Smarty
    September 19, 2013

    Thanks a lot for the review!

      September 19, 2013

      I am glad that you find this review and MyBlogGuest really deserves to be mentioned!

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