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Microsoft Windows Popular Softwares and Free Alternatives

February 9, 2013wp-himu1 Comment

We love windows! Window XP, Vista and 7 all are example of MicroSoft’s Operating systems. Windows operating system has 83.3% of market share and almost everybody is using it. Billions of applications and software had been developed for windows platform and MS Windows already come bundled with loads of important software but still there are some alternatives that are free and better.

I am using Microsoft Windows for last 6 years and I had a collection of some popular software and their alternatives for you windows users.

Microsoft Windows Popular Software and Free Alternatives

Office Suite and Text Editing Software

popular microsoft software and alternatives

An Office suite is a collection of some useful text editing tool for simple task. Office suits generally include writer, presentation and spread sheet utilities.

Microsoft: MS Office (good but not free, demo pack available)

Popular Office Suite: Open Office (Open source software)

Alternative Software: IBM Lotus Symphony, LibreOffice

Media-Movie Player

Media player is a type of application software that plays music from music files like .mp3 .aa1 etc. Movie player or Video player is software that plays videos.  Window media player is a free player provided by Microsoft but the problem is that lots of time we had to play a popular .flv (flash video format) format videos and WMP can’t play it.

Microsoft: WMP (free, but can’t play all files)

Popular Video Player: VLC (download free VLC)

Antivirus Software for windows

An antivirus is application software that protects our computer from computer viruses. Lots of free antivirus softwares are available on Internet. Beware of fake antivirus software.

Microsoft: Microsoft Security Essential (Free for window-7 users)

Popular Antivirus: List of best antivirus software for windows (free + paid)

Firewall for windows

Firewall filters the internet connection, another type of security software. Firewall stops establishment of unauthorised connection from someone’s or yours computer and protect you from unknown threats.

Microsoft Firewall: Windows Firewall (good and free)

Alternative: Zone alarm firewall, Comodo firewall (free and effective)

Web browser for Internet Browsing

Web browser is software that helps us to browse internet. A good web browser understands all type of web scripting and displays every page accordingly and provides you security and safety with all necessary features.

Microsoft Browser: IE (download free Internet Explorer)

Popular Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Download manager for Downloading files from Internet

To download heavy files from Internet we can’t rely on our browsers, they aren’t made to handle heavy download. What if, if Internet connection gets interrupted when downloading 1000 MB file? Would you like to download it again? No! To all these situations and for fast downloading we use different download managers.

Microsoft Windows: No software

Popular download manager: IDM (30 day trial IDM) and FDM (Free download manager)

Read: Free Download Manager – The best alternative to Internet Download Manager (IDM).

To Maintain and keep windows Clean

When we use our system there are some temporary files created on computer. These files are created when we download or install something, when we do browsing or perform similar task. These files are useless after some time and needs to be removed. There are others things too that I am not mentioning here just giving you a solution, Ccleaner.

Software: Ccleaner (Free and light application)

Microsoft Windows Alternative OS

Finally if you are fed up with the Microsoft windows and their popular software then I have some popular alternatives for windows too. The most popular open source operating system is Linux.

Popular Operating System: Ubuntu (Free Linux Distro, Debian)

Popular Light Operating System: Puppy Linux (Free Linux Distro, Debian)

I know that there are still many popular software and Microsoft alternatives alternatives that I didn’t mentioned. Actually, I want mention only those which are important for an general PC user and helps in daily task. I know there are lots of developer tool too, maybe I will list them next time.

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    March 7, 2013

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