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LINE APP – Free Calls and Messaging App Review

July 27, 2014Akash Navi3 Comments

Line app is currently in the list of most trending apps for Smartphones. Line app is an international app which offers more features than other IM (instant messaging) apps. WhatsApp app which is a trending IM app has less features when compared with Line free calls and messaging app, even then Line has a nice clean UI (user interface).

Line is an international app which has more than 480 million users worldwide and is used in over 230 countries! This app is developed by Japanese arm of Naver (Line Corporation, Japan). Let us review the app and find out what are its Pros and Cons.

Line app for WindowsAndroid, iOS and Symbain mobile devices is available. As this free calls and messages app is available for almost all operating platforms, it connects many people together. You can get Line app downloaded from Google play, App store, Ovi store and in windows store as per your smartphones or device’s platform.

Download Line (Free Calls & Messages) –http://line.me/en/download

LINE Free Calls and Messaging App – Interface:

Line App

Line App

Line’s interface is loaded with many features but it does not like that. They have some features more than others, such as

  • Stickers (of course, Line app is bit famous for its stickers)
  • Voice calling facility (Now, I may replace Viber App from all my devices)
  • Video calling facility (Which is not available in other IM apps, planning to remove Skype?)

We have got some tabs (friends, chats, timeline and more) arranged very neatly at the top part of the app window. Timeline is one of the unique features of Line app which works just like Facebook timeline which shows your uploads, change of status and more at one place.

We also have a button “More” by taping that we get options like

  • Add friends, setting (deals with your account settings)
  • Profile (which is all about your profile)
  • Sticker shop (where you can manage your sticker)
  • Theme shop etc.

This was about the interface of Line now let us see the usage and performance of Line.

Performance And Usage of Line App

Lines Messaging features:

In Line app, messages are sent quite faster than any other IM apps. It works faster even on 2G networks and in messages we can send plenty of stickers to friends on Line app. The stickers are also sent at a high speed and gets visible immediately to the person you send, no need to load or buffer stickers.

Line App Stickers

Line App Stickers

This was all about the text messages and stickers. You can also send voice messages, Photos, videos, movies, your location, send a contact info just by pressing the “+” symbol at the left lower side and you can also send smile faces by selecting smile button.

The messages and everything works great but when you send a photo or video to the receiver whom you have sent gets it lowered by quality (so that it can be send faster).

Lines Free call and video calling:

Let us now look at Line Free call and video calling features. You can easily use these features of Line app. The free call is nothing but it’s termed there for voice calls (just like you do via normal mobile call). You can call any of those who are on Line (Free Call Feature) and also those who are not on Line app (Premium Calling feature).

Free Call on Line App - Video Call

Free Call on Line App – Video Call

To call those who are not on Line app you have to subscribe for Lines Premium Calling features which are lesser priced then your local telecom service providers but the price of each call keeps changing and you can get the details in your Line app and this is In-app purchase.

The most frustrating thing about Lines calling feature is that it rings even when the contact is offline. So you can’t confirm whether the person whom you are calling is getting the call or not, this remains the same in Premium calling option also. The Voice call quality is not that good like your telecom service provider but we can’t say it is bad.

The Video calling feature is the most unique and appreciated feature that lets you make free video calls. Even when you are on 2G network, the video call quality is quite good and fast. When you are on 3G or Wi-Fi networks the Line free video calls work awesome.

Suggestion – A free SMS facility – just like we have in Hike Messenger (review), can make this app complete, I can then replace many other apps from my devices.

Conclusion, Line – Free Calls and Messages App is a good app for communicating and instant messaging. The only issue is with its voice calls and hope this will be fixed by Line in future update. You must give it a try (download line app). So readers, what are your views on Line app?

This article has 3 comments
  1. Fan
    July 29, 2014

    Line works great even on 2G network. Line has stickers, voice calling, video calling. I have uninstalled Wahtsapp and am using Line.

  2. Robin
    July 30, 2014

    I used watsapp, but now I use LINE instead. it is more fun though a bit slower.

      August 1, 2014

      Thanks for the feedback Robin. I am also using Line App and free Calling features are awesome. what do you say?

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