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How to Install Windows XP from USB Flash Drive!

October 16, 2016GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

Usually you would install Windows XP using a disk. This would be placed in your CD/DVD drive and when you restart your computer it should start up the installation procedure. If you do not have the installation disk or if your disk drive is not working, then you may wish to try installing Windows XP from a USB Flash Drive.

You need to create a bootable USB Flash Drive

You should do this with the WinToFlash tool. It is a free tool that should suit your needs. When you pick your USB Flash Drive you will need one that is able to hold at least 2GB of data.

Download WinToFlash to get started

You will need to download the tool here: wintoflash.com/download/en and then install it. When you are installing the tool you will see it ask you for a license key. If you wish to use the tool for free then click “exit”. The license key is more for people who are looking to improve and develop the tool. In that case they may apply for a professional license for the tool. However, since you are only using the tool for installing Windows XP from a Flash Drive, there is no need to concern yourself with licenses.


Run the WinToFlash tool

Now that you have installed the WinToFlash tool, you need to run it. You do this by opening the tool and selecting “Windows Setup Transfer Wizard.” On the screen you will need to select “Next.”

windows xp file path

You now need to select the source of your Windows XP installation (the ‘Windows files path’ field – figure) and its destination, which is the USB flash drive (the ‘USB drive’ field – figure) that you need to use for your installation of Windows XP next time. In addition, you may also create something of a virtual drive from your Windows XP ISO file, which you may then use as your source file. When you have done all of this, you should click next.

Now agree to the License agreement

Agree to the Windows License Agreement, and then click Continue. You will then have to wait as the tool begins to format the USB drive. You are probably going to receive a warning saying that it is going to format your USB drive, but it will not matter because you should not have any data on there anyway. Press “continue” and it will start the formatting process.

Once this is done, you will see the tool start to transfer any installation files for Windows XP onto the Flash drive. Allow the tool to finish, and follow any further instructions, and the process is complete. You now have a USB drive that is capable of installing Windows XP.

The installation of Windows XP from your USB Flash Drive

You need to put the USB Flash drive into the chosen computer. Do not do anything with it, and ignore or cancel any prompts you may see. Now you need to restart the PC. The USB device will be checked before the boot up sequence begins. When your computer starts up, it will do things in order, and the first things it does is check your disk drive and the USB ports for any software. This occurs by default and will only change if you change the order manually.

Boot up the PC using the USB Flash drive

You will be given two options. You will be able to set up in text mode or GUI mode. You need to choose the text mode. When the installation of Windows begins the PC will put itself into an automatic restart. When you are giving the option the second time you should choose the GUI mode setup.

The booting process for installing Windows XP with a Flash drive is the same for if you had started the installation with a CD. The installation process is just the same. Here, you have learned how to create a USB drive that is able to install Windows XP, but after you have inserted the USB Flash drive, the installation process is the same as any other.

The article “How to Install Windows XP from USB Flash Drive!” is a guest post by Sonia Jackson. She writes for the Australian web-site http://www.essay-bag.com that provides well-written and quality essays and research papers for college and university students.

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