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[Infographic] Why is my computer slow? Are You The Not-So-Proud Owner of a Slow PC?

October 21, 2016GUEST BLOGGER1 Comment

If you are the not-so-proud owner of a slow computer, do not be alarmed.  You are not the only one who suffers from the incompetence of a slow PC.  Here are some things that have been proven to speed up sluggish or apathetic computers.

Invest in a security system!  With all of the crazy things (and people) on the Internet, it is not recommended to leave your computer without protection.

You need a firewall!  A bi-directional firewall will best protect your PC from computer viruses and other spyware issues.  Supplemented with a modern antivirus program, your computer will run faster and be safe from external threats.

 why is my computer slow

Streamline your PC!  Install all of those updates that you have been putting off!  Yes, it takes forever, but would you rather take time to update your computer or have to deal with it being slow? Restart your computer, let it replenish its virtual energies and you will see a difference in productivity.

Make sure things are right on your end!  A computer cannot work effectively if it isn’t hooked up correctly.

Ensure that all of the cables are properly connected and that your computer has enough space beneath it (for laptops) or behind it (for CPU) to ensure that it doesn’t get too hot or overheat.  If it overheats too many times, it can cause serious damage to the hard drive, resulting in crashes and the blue screen of death (i.e your pc ran into problem and needs to restart ).

Guest Author: Erin Walsh+ is a technology junky and the Director of Public Relations for PC Health Boost. She enjoys blogging about topics in technology and occasionally guest posts on popular blogs about some of the most recent tech gadgets, windows installer errors, and other slow computer issues.

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  1. Cheryl
    December 14, 2013

    I have had some issues lately with my computer running slow. You suggested some great tips and advice. I have a firewall, and a security system. I also cleaned out my files on my hard drive, ran the disk defragmenter, and cleaned my registry. After all this, my computer is running quicker.

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