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[Infographic] Windows 8 and the Blue Screen Errors of Death! Problem and Solution!

October 23, 2016GUEST BLOGGER1 Comment

The Windows 8 no longer produces the ominous Blue Screen of Death. Is it true? Well, yes and no. The Blue Screen of Death is still alive in name, but no longer the true threat that it once was. For one thing, it’s powerful and shocking deep blue color has been lightened to a less threatening light blue color that no longer exhibits a bunch of stop error codes that look very fatal, which you have no time to read before your computer crashes and restarts. You get more options than that now. Thank you, Micorsoft Windows for decreasing the spike in many people’s blood pressure.

Now the blue screen error comes with a smiley face and gives a simple error message “You PC ran into problem and needs to restart”. If the whole process still goes by too quickly for you, you can set your controls to not automatically restart your computer in the event of the system failure. But be warned that once you gather all of your information and saved that 20-page report that you were working on, it’s probably a good idea to restart anyway.

To clearly understand what is blue screen of death and what are the causes you need to look at the beautiful infographic.

blue screen of error death

The above infographic shows how and when this blue screen error comes and how does it look like. The infographic also have some solution and fixes mentioned for getting rid of this blue screen error. A few usual reasons for this type of error include:

  • Memory Errors (Hardware Error and H/W must be Replaced)
  • Driver Errors (software Error, keep you drives and softwares updated)
  • Registry Errors (Complex OS database list/registry that shouldn’t be modified by novice)

A few cleaner, pc-boost and health softwares can help you to get rid of this blue screen error. A few extra tips include keeping you hardware and software clean and healthy. Understanding the status, need, compatibility and ability of your computer system also helps to prevent these unusual errors.

Article Credit: Erin Walsh loves to blog about anything to do with technology. Thankfully, her “real” job is something that she loves to do, blog about technology. Erin’s blog at PC Health Boost (Link: http://www.pchealthboost.com) which is centered around helping everyday computer users common computer errors with solutions that anyone can troubleshoot. She offers all of her advice whether you use her pc utility software or not. Hop on over and find out how to speed up you pc, avoid screen freezes (Link: http://www.pchealthboost.com/fix_blue_screen_errors.php), fix dll errors, and more.

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