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[Infographic] 10 Tips for Making Your SharePoint Project a Success

May 12, 2017GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

10 Tips for Making Your SharePoint Project a Success

To ensure the successful launch of a SharePoint project you could consider incorporating the following tips into your strategy when working with your client. These tips listed below and in the infographic here (Link: http://www.evokeit.com/sharepoint-blog/project-success-infographic), may help to make everything run smoothly, more effectively and hopefully build a great working relationship with your customer.

sharepoint project success

Win Over the Reluctant Customer

Most customers will be reluctant to invest their time and money in a SharePoint strategy if you don’t properly engage them and help them understand the benefits. Incorporate their ideas and needs into the project from the initial stages to give them ownership. By doing so, you will sometimes turn that reluctant and often times stubborn client into a strong supporter.

Work With A Project Owner

Identifying who will serve as the project owner is critical. This would be a person within the company that can make decisions and help move the process along. They should be the primary point of contact with the responsibility of making final decisions.

Incorporate All Levels into the Project Steering Group

A project steering group is necessary to ensure that all levels of the organization that will use the project are involved with its development and ultimate success. It shouldn’t be limited to senior management or the IT staff.

SharePoint Should Be Run By the End User Not IT

The IT staff should only be involved to provide technical support and should probably not be the ones to run the project. This should be left to the end users since they will be most familiar with the specific needs and requirements of the project.

The Project Should Have A Name

Since SharePoint is just the framework on which a project is built, it should have a name, it shouldn’t be blandly called SharePoint. You should guide your client in the direction of the end product and help them with determining a new appropriate name.

Training Must Be Proactive and Interactive

To ensure that the end users will learn how to use the SharePoint project, you should incorporate specific training. Try and make the training proactive and interactive so that the end users will get the most from it. By all means, don’t just leave them with user guides as the way to get up to speed.

Change When It Is Necessary

Each strategy should not be static but instead flexible as needs and requirements change. Be sure to incorporate new ideas, new strategies and new goals into the project as it is being developed.

The Project Should Be Ongoing

It should not have an end but contantly be adapted and upgraded to meet your requirements. Keeping everything updated is key.

Keep Governance and Requirements Simple

If the governance and rules you use are too many and too strict, the end user will quickly abandon use in red tape frustration or complain bitterly. Find the right balance with the requirements and adjust them as necessary.

Keep Management Informed of Status

Although the Project Owner should be involved and should be keeping management abreast of the progress, be sure to schedule periodic updates for management. Help them to understand the costs, timelines and the expectations that they have. This should help minimize any problems and issues on delivery.


All of the above tips require ongoing involvement with your clients and communicating with them each step of the way. By incorporating some or all of these tips, you may find the road to achieving a successful project will become much easier to navigate.

Source: Evokeit.com

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