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How to Improve Computer Performance by Editing System.ini File

October 13, 2016Akash Navi0 Comments

Many of us want to use software and games on our pc which needs more system resources and performance than average applications. But we have limited RAM and therefore we get limited performance. Software and programs that needs more performance, makes our computer go hang/crash. To improve our computer’s performance we have to buy expensive hardware and software kit. To make your computer faster first you need to improve the Ram performance (working frequency rate) and for that you don’t need to purchase any expensive software or hardware. Here we are going to manipulate our system.ini file to improve RAM performance.

improve computer performance

What is System.ini File?

System.ini is a file used by software manufacturer to store the configuration information of any software. Software vendors use their own “system.ini” file or “.win” files, both works for the same purpose. As that also Microsoft uses that for the same purpose.

How Computer’s Performance will be improved?

Each and every working of any operating system is programmed by the programmers. System.ini is a system configuration file. The value given in system.ini file to Ram to run is 386Enh which helps the computer to be stable as some of Computer using Windows 8 operating system is meting only minimum system requirements. So to speed up our computer or improve the Ram performance, we should make our Ram to run at 30000Enh which is good for our computer to be stable and Run faster.

This system.ini file replaces the values from the system Registry. Now, let’s see how to improve our computer’s performance.

Steps to be carried out are:

Step 1: Go to RUN command and type there SYSTEM.INI, by doing so you can get a notepad file opened on your desktop.

 improve computer performance

Step2: Now the trick begins, change the value 386Enh to 30000Enh.

Step3: Add the following lines




Step4: Save that file and restart you computer.

Note: Don’t try to add higher or too lower values otherwise you will harm your Computer and no one will be responsible for that.

I hope our trick to improve system performance by using system.ini file is helpful for you. This method can be used in any windows operating system. Do share you experiences with us.

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