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Hike Messenger – A Made In India Instant Messaging App

July 25, 2014Akash Navi0 Comments

Hike messenger, India’s very own free messaging app from BSB, has successfully emerged as the top free app on the Android Playstore, iOS Appstore and Windows Store, across India. The application launched in December 2012, has clocked in over 20 Million users within 18 months of its launch and is now adding over 300K users per day. Acing the ‘Top Free Apps’ category, the app has toppled industry incumbents who’ve enjoyed strong dominance in the market for over half a decade now.  The spike in numbers also comes close on the heels of its recently launched TVC and 360 degree marketing campaign in India.

Interestingly, in February 2013, within 2 months of launching Hike messenger, the company had made it to #1 on the Android Playstore. Today, almost a year later, despite the steep increase in competition in the IM space, the company has toppled over legacy brands to make its mark.



The application and its features have been developed keeping in mind the local market and it caters to solving cultural and infrastructural problems such as lack of privacy, inconsistent data connectivity among many others. This exercise has resulted in development of some very interesting and useful features that have taken the popularity of the app to a new level.

Industry firsts and key features from hike:

  • India’s first messaging app to have gained 20M users in just 18 months of its launch
  • Only messaging app in India to offer smartphone to feature phone messaging option
  • The first in the industry to offer ‘last seen’ privacy, contact wise; respecting user privacy
  • Allows users to share any file format up to a 100MB each
  • Only app to offer localized stickers and 2 way chat themes

Earn with Hike Messenger: Interesting thing about this app is that you can earn free mobile recharge by inviting your friends to hike (via SMS, Facebook, E-mail and other ways). For each of your friend who joins hike through you special invite link, you’ll get Rs.20 INR per friend who joins.

About Hike and its developer: Hike is a truly made in India app and is developed by Bharti Softbank. The main person behind the development of this app is Kavin Bharti Mittal.

Features of Hike Messenger:

As I mentioned, Hike is packed with many unique features which are not available on other IM app so here is a list of these features.

  • Through Hike you can message even those friends who do not have a smartphone or active data connection, through free SMS, from within hike app.
  • Your Last seen status can be made hidden, this feature may also be available in other messaging apps but the unique feature is that you can choose your friends whom you can show your last seen status.
  • Group Size: Bigger group chat available in IM apps.
  • Stickers: More and big stickers are available. stickers are worth of thousand words.
  • Chat theme: You can change the chat themes in this app, in others you can only set the background which is only seen by you but here your friend also gets notified about it and is also visible for him/her.
  • Just like your last seen status, your online availability and status too can be made hidden and is only visible for those whom you select.
  • And here comes the most unique feature of this app, which is that you can transfer big files not only picture, songs, videos but also your PDF Ebooks and all other files. The maximum upload limit is 100 MB per upload.
  • Double tick notification in this app, you can confirm that your message is delivered and also if the receiver sees it.

These were the features of Hike now let us see how to use it.

How to Use Hike Messenger App to Send Free Messages in India?

Download Hike from above link. After downloading it install it, when you install the app you will see something like this. Now tap or select “Get Started”. Then next is it will ask your Phone number provide your phone number there.


Hike Messenger – Getting Started

Select your country, enter your phone number in the Hike app and then tap on “Next”. After entering your phone number you will be asked your name and a picture for your profile.


And as shown in the image above, if you are feeling lazy then you can also add these details by simply connecting Hike with your facebook account. After this you will see this window.

This is a welcome window of hike messenger, in this window you will also be given a list of your contacts who are on hike already. Let’s start using it.

To send stickers, text messages, smiles, voice message and files on hike

Hike Messenger

If you want to send stickers to your friend then click on new chat option first. You will be showing the list of your contacts select the person you want.

I have selected one of my friends, now a chat window will appear. Select the left option marked in the image above you’ll get set of stickers. Select one of the sticker and you are done. And if your friend is offline you can send him a SMS, this is Hike to Hike SMS. To send messages, the steps remain the same as shown above, like select the contact from new chat menu and then send messages.

Send Free SMS From Hike

Send Free SMS From Hike

Type your message and click on the smile face to select the smile and click on send button. The method remains the same to send voice messages. Select the contact and click on the MIC shown, tap & hold and talk as long as you can hold the button. The message will be sent as soon as you’ll leave the mic button.

To send files on hike click on the button like paper clip and you can select the type of file you want to send.

Hike Messenger

Conclusion, Hike messenger can be said the best IM (Instant messaging – chatting, Free SMS and much more). I also found that it works a little slow on 2G network and gets hanged when you send a voice message through iOS device, it might be because of many reasons but hope it will be fixed in the next update.

At last, my first choice is Hike messenger whenever I like to send Free SMS online to anyone in India.

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