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SEO Study: How Google Works and Indexes Your Website and All Content?

May 6, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

Understanding how google works and locates information on your website is very important part of SEO that will help you to perform better SEO. Understanding how google indexes your websites and webpages will help you to make good appearance in Google and other search engines. Our Only aim of doing SEO is to impress Google (other search engines too) for better ranking at SERP (Search Engine Result Page). We do SEO to make sure that Google understand all the content perfectly and evaluate our site accordingly.

Google alone drives more than 70% traffic to all websites and it’s important to make sure that your website is Google friendly. How much traffic you’re going to get to your blog depends on how you’ll be ranked on Google SERP. So this blog post is all about what google do and how it sees your website to evaluate.

Understanding, what is Google?

The most important thing you should understand about Google is that Google Search is NOT a human, it’s a bot (a combination of machine and a computer program) and it will work perfectly according to its programming and some algorithm.

An article or website that is valuable to us (humans) may not be valuable to Google. Google is a bot and therefore it can’t see images, videos or your website like we human see. So it doesn’t really matter how good your website look or how lengthy videos or cool images you publish. In such cases SEO is vital and for better SEO you MUST include text content on each page so that it can be proved that your website have quality content and your website is most important.

If you’ll not follow or understand SEO rules, you’ll simply get negative results on SERP and if you do it perfectly you’ll get positive result. Companies hire SEO professionals for their business websites but you have to learn it to do it yourself.

Google’s Algorithm

Google works on Google algorithm and rewards position on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) according to its algorithm. In programming, Algorithm means steps by step procedure for accomplishing any particular task. When google evaluate any webpage for ranking, it considers millions of factors to decide where it should really appear on SERP. So, SEO is not a joke and you should take it SERIOUSLY.

No one knows about the Google algorithm because it’s kept SECRET by Google Guys and even if we get a chance to study any particular piece of algorithm, it’s going to take us months to understand it (it’s too complex for an average guy). So what I (or anybody) can tell you about Google’s Algorithm and way of working/ranking is what we have learned from our experience or experiments (done by us or some experts). Google also shares some tips and tweaks time to time to help webmasters and bloggers to perform well SEO and help Google bot to understand your website well for better ranking and better results.

Download: Google Official SEO Guide for Beginners

How Google finds Content/Information?

Google bot continuously browse and scans all webpages that it found on its way. This browsing and scanning process of webpages is also known as crawling by crawlers or spiders. Google’s spider is called Googlebot and you can see it visiting your site time to time if you look at your web logs.

Google don’t view any programming or scripting (such as JavaScript etc) on your blog. Google can only remember words and phrases on your website with your SEO and can retrieve your page on appropriate queries when made on Google Search (according to keywords and key-phrases). Therefore you must have quality content on your website. Quality content means good content that humans as well as Search Engines both would like to find and read.

Remember! When someone looks for some information on Google, he/she uses keywords only NOT your website’s name to find particular information and as there are millions of websites out there on web so no one can just remember or guess which website can contains what so they always makes google (or yahoo) search to reach to desired information/webpage. No one will know what you’re publishing until you’ll be found via google or you’re a celebrity. This means we’ll be focusing on keywords and key phrases to rank higher and write content on our blog.

How Google Indexes your Website and All Webpage?

If you want Google to know about your website then you should first add your URL to Google. Don’t forget to verify your website at google webmaster tool and must submit a sitemap so that Google can know about all the pages of your website.

As mentioned earlier, Search Engine bot (Google bot etc.) visits each and every page on your website to scan the content and links (hyperlink to other pages) therefore it temporarily saves all the links it finds on your web page and then scans the complete webpage to find more content and more links and then visits all webpage/links one by one. SE’s may follow other methods too.

Google may also find your website and its pages when it finds links to your web pages fron other websites.

Conclusion: Google and SEO

The conclusion is that Search Engines Crawlers visits each and every page on your website to evaluate its content, and you must perform SEO task to make sure they evaluate your site perfectly.

Search Engines likes SEO because it helps them to understand content better way. So, keep doing SEO to impress Search Engines with quality content. Google alone can contribute more than 80% traffic to your website so SEO is must.

Google and other SE’s visit each and every page on your website so make sure every page on your website should have quality content.

Today, SE engineers are working hard to make SE perfect and work just like a human to evaluate each and every page so trying to trick google using Black hat SEO may work today but will surely harm you tomorrows. Always do white hat SEO and go with natural approach to do SEO.c

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