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Google Adsense Shared an Ebook for Increasing Adsense Earnings

May 9, 2017wp-himu3 Comments

You already know about Google Adsense and hopefully you are one of those new Adsense publishers who are looking for ways to increase adsense earnings. For last 10 years google adsense and its publisher had worked together to increase publisher revenue and satisfy advertisers with their services. On the 10th anniversary Google Shared an Ebook with 10 Great Tips to increase adsense earnings. Here I am sharing those tips and ebook with you!

Download Google Adsense Official Ebook: Increase Adsense Earnings!


Tips to Increasing Adsense Earnings

Create Great Content

This is the first tip that is taught to every. Content is King! If you have good content then all visitors will become readers and will come again and again. Great content comes when you write on genuine topics (topics that you know, or that you researched well and that it true for sure) with a little keyword research and good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Enable both Text as well as Image ads

Adsense Text ads tend to get clicked much but on some sites image ads perform well there is reason behind everything. I was using just text ads to increase revenue but later I changed it into text and image ads because text ads were not looking nice and then I found increase in the CTR and overall earnings. Therefore, leave the headache of deciding which type of ads to display on Google Adsense and just enable both text as well as image ads for increasing your earnings.

Think multi-channel – Implement ads anywhere!

You must have a Youtube channel or mobile website, Google adsense ads not only support websites and blogs but they can also be integrated into youtube videos, mobile sites, online games and apps. You could also place a Google Search Box on your website to earn more!

Customize and Experiment with Types and Colors!

The key to success is experiment and conclusion. Adsense Ads are highly customizable and you should try different colors and size banners on your site. Not everything works for everyone although there are certain recommended sizes and color that performs well! Ad sizes 300×250, 336×280, 728×90 and 160x600are the most popular among advertisers and color of adsense ads should match with colors of hyperlink/theme on your website!

Track your successes with Analytic

You can setup Google Analytic to get detailed stats about Adsense (activity on your blog). You will get the important details like number of clicks, earning from each page, date and geo-location, device and source and many more! If you are on self hosted wordpress then you should install wordpress plugin (Ad injector and Ad logger) to track adsense clickers IP and other precious information with combination of these two plugins.

Control the ads that appear on your site

Google Adsense display relevant ads on their blog but sometimes (rarely) an ad appears on your page that has nothing to do with your content like a year ago I have written an article about “k9 web protection software” and adsense was displaying an ad to purchase “k9 bomb-squad-dogs” so I just block it. You can also block list of sites (competitors URL) that you don’t want to display ads from, you can also manipulate this option to block MFA sites to increase adsense revenue.

Don’t miss your personalised tips

Google Displays Personalized Tips and provide personalized suggestion to optimize adsense ads, you can receive those tips and suggestion in you adsense account’s dashboard or via emails (if you opted for). According to Adsense, on average, publishers who implement these tips see at least 10% uplift in revenue. We’ve seen some increase their revenue by up to 200%.

Connect with your audience

Networking and treating visitors like friends and loyal blog readers always help to grow you blog and website. Interact with all readers, provide them the information and help they are seeking and you will have a good followers base.

Connect with other Adsense publishers

Connecting with other publishers can surely help to learn more about adsense and its working. Google Adsense frequently hosts Hangouts from the AdSense +page. Tune in for live discussions with the AdSense team and community members.

Make sure your site complies with our policies

Lots of new adsense publishers try to trick adsense with their old school tricks and get banned soon. So, you should always stick with their policies and should report them immediately if you found some illegal (invalid click) or abnormal activity with your publishers account.

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  1. Sanket
    July 9, 2013

    Nice Tips Himanshu 🙂

  2. Aman Bansal
    July 12, 2013

    Hi Himanshu,

    I try to download the PDF of adsense E-book on your suggested link in article but it is showing 404 error. Page not found, check it..

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