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I am now Google Adsense Approved Blogger – Indian publisher

April 28, 2017wp-himu42 Comments

Yesterday, I finally got the Adsense account approved (dream came true!) and I was so excited that I spend the whole day figuring out Adsense UI (User Interface) and and different Ad units. Now I am quite stable and sharing my experiences with you. As you know, I am from India and it makes the process of getting approved for Google Adsnense even more difficult.

A couple of days ago, before applying for Google Adsense, I applied for Infolinks (text-based ad links) and was confused, if even infolinks will approve me or not and fortunately they approved my blog. After getting approved for Infolinks, I got some confidence and decided to try my luck with Google Adsense too.

Google Adsense Approved

Why I was Afraid of Applying for Google Adsense?

When I was a newbie for blogs and websites, I applied for Adsense without knowing much about it. I was excited to see  Adsense ads on my silly website that was nothing but just a collection of 3-4 pages having less to no content. Of course, I got a rejection email and this rejection created a fear in my mind for their policies and process. Now, I had learned about blogging and own a nice blog, I was just afraid of getting rejected.

Strong Source of Fear: Actually, we can easily find thousands of people on chat, forums and other sites who never got approved for Gogle Adsense. I was so afraid that I decided to go for infolinks and left the Adsense option until I get much traffic 10K/day.

What do we Need to get Approved for Google Adsense?

According to most of people who are owner of some blogs and forums suggest to have at least 500 daily visitors and high quality content to get approved. For countries like India and china, Google had placed a 6 month policy (Eligibility to participate in Adsense).

Any blog or website that is Not older than 6 month is Not qualified for getting Google Adsense. Furthermore our blogs and websites should also comply with  Google adsense policy and Terms & Conditions.

Must Read: How to get approved for adsense in India?

Try Google Adsense Alternative First: Infolinks + Chitika.

Infolinks don’t need ad space on your blog and Chitika has a minimum payout of $10 (pays via Paypal). Both can be used together with Google Adsense.


How many Visitors we are Getting?

We are getting only 20 visitors/day and 1k views/month (approx.) but we got approved for Google Adsense without having any trouble. Remember: All the traffic is coming from search engine and most users are from India and US.

What about Content on our Blog?

Everyone suggests to have at least 10-12 blog post before submitting application for Google Adsense but this blog was having only 5 post and 3 pages and while writing this blog we have only 6 published article, I think, I’m just lucky!

Is the Google Adsense 6 months policy true?

My blog and domain is just 3 months old. I’m an Indian and 6 month policy also applies to me but it’s proved it’s not necessary to have a 6 month old blog or website. Few other new bloggers have confirmed to get Google Adsense approval before 6 months.

What is our Alexa rank?

Alexa Rank is very important. It gives the stats about your website and where it stands in the world. Being a third party stats reporter, it’s trusted by everyone in blogosphere, by Internet marketers and advertisers. Our Alexa rank is 17,627,760 (which is horrible) but when we started our rank was 17,777,749.

Our Alexa Rank is getting better and better every day at the rate of 20k/day. Alexa rank also proves that my blog is getting very low traffic.

Google Adsense – Conclusion

Any blog or website that is not older than 6 month and have little content with low traffic can also apply for Google Adsense and can get approved in a few days. The search engine traffic on my blog may be the only reason of getting approval but if you had confidence and your aim is true then, nobody can stop you. Don’t care about anything for now, just apply for Google Adsense.

[Update: 18 Sept. 2013]: Our stats and ranking are fairly improved and I found that until you have a good traffic, it’s not beneficial to look for ways to monetize your baby blog or any website. If you have 1K visitors then don’t expect to earn more than $2 (that’s Google Adsense truth and Adsense alternatives are worst than that). Everything should be clear now, get 10,000 visitors per month and earn $20-30. More traffic means, many more time earnings. Good Luck! 


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  1. ranjit jadeja
    November 23, 2012

    thanxxx bhai…i m in tension about this…i also have website and 1 month old…only 40 or50 visitors per day…so give some true point for google adsense approved

  2. abhishek malik
    January 24, 2013

    yup! bro i also have a blog…. and maximum time mene google ko application bheja h but google adese approve ni kar raha h,, bata sakte hu aisa kyu ho raha h

  3. sanket
    February 6, 2013

    does google adsense ask for ssn i.e social security number (identity proof like adhaar,ration card number ) in india as i have read they ask in U.S as it is necessary to provide that number before receiving payments and no number no payments pls help would be appreciated…

  4. Himanshu Negi
    February 6, 2013


    No, google adsense don’t ask for any of these info. but when you’ll reach at a certain amount they will ask for your tax info (PAN card details etc.) and these are compulsory without these details you can’t get you money.

    Adsense ask for info. according to the country in which their publishers live. Being an Indian you need to have PAN because Govt. want to track all transactions. You know the reason… black money 🙂

    Google says “Google is required by United States tax laws to collect certain tax-related information from some publishers.”

  5. sanket
    February 8, 2013

    thnx for ur answer at what limit does google ask for tax info what number we have to give to them i googled it i got the answer that in U.S its SSN Number and in India its Adhaar Card Number or Ration Card Number is that okk pls answer and pls tell is it safe to give them these info…

  6. sanket
    February 8, 2013

    is your site also using adsense??? and is ur using then kindly tell me what all details u gave them pls help would be appreciated because iam gonna launch sites like olx.in,qickr.com and also a community site its a big project when i will launch them i will inform you thnx.. in advance

  7. Himanshu Negi
    February 8, 2013


    When you will reach at $10 google adsense will ask you for PAN and tax info. PAN information is sufficient for them to know about you. I don’t think they ask for Adhaar number because it’s still under progress.

    Yes Sanket, you can give any info. to google adsense. Google is one of the most trustable co. in the word. Notice yourself, you uses the word “googled” instead of “browsing web”, it reflects how big is google.

    Let me know if you need more help? Thanks for visiting!

  8. Himanshu Negi
    February 8, 2013

    Yes Sanket I am using Adsense on my blog.

    My advice is that you should first launch your site and monetize it when it starts getting visitors from google and yahoo then you should apply for adsense (at least after 2-3 months).

    If you need more help you can contact me via email.

  9. Akash navi
    February 24, 2013

    Hey man i have got a blog of 1 month older i am from india and my pageviews stats are as follows
    United States
    South Korea
    United Kingdom

    total 851

    still i am not getting adsense approved please help me i have not uploaded any profile pics is that necessary……

    my blog akashnavi.blogspot.com

  10. chetan yadav
    February 27, 2013

    Hi Himanshu ,
    i am writing a blog from long time but still i am not getting approval for adsense. so i stop it , But today i found your blog , please help me how i can get approval on it .

    Please let me know how can i contact to you for this.

    My blog is chetanyadavds.blogspot.in/

    please let me know.


  11. ankit
    March 2, 2013

    dear , 20 days ago i apply for Adsense , but they reject my applycation and give 1 reason that my age is not eligiable for adsense , minimum 18 year old can aaply for adsense.

    is that true,plz help.

  12. sanyam jain
    March 4, 2013

    I m using one of my friends adsense on indiantaxupdates.com but would like to get one for me. I do all the hard work but i am forced to pay 20% to him just because he owns account.

    Please tell me what to do?

  13. Himanshu Negi
    March 4, 2013

    @Akash navi

    Google adsense will not approve you as you are sharing serial keys and other copyright material on your site that is not yours. I will suggest you to only genuine and original content.

    @Chetan yadav

    Hey your blog looks good Chetan. You should try to purchase a domain name ( it willl cost you 88-500/yr as per your choice). I hope you will get approved or you can personally contact me using contact form.


    Yes Ankit you need to be 18 if you want to participate in google Adsense or try your parents name.

  14. Akash navi
    March 4, 2013

    Hey friend then what must i do now please response i want to make my blog sucessful
    which content must i remove….

  15. Akash navi
    March 11, 2013

    Hey bro check out my blog now please i have removed the crack and hack content which were not mine so please check and give me a Advice….

  16. Himanshu Negi
    March 12, 2013

    @sanyam jain

    Apply for google adsense. If google are showing ads on your blog from you friends account then it can also shown it from your account. You will get approved because in eyes of google your website-blog is already qualified.

    Remove your friends ads and then apply for google adsense. If you got accepted its ok if not then put your friends ads again but I don’t think there is any issue that you will not get acepted.

  17. Himanshu Negi
    March 12, 2013

    @Akash Navi

    Hello Akash,

    Nice to see you again. Please see to it that you are not sharing something that not yours. You can share only free things that are absolutely free with their license.

    Do a little more research about google adsense and ways to get approved and rejected for it. You’ll get to know a lot.

    and don’t forget to purchase a domain name, It’s necessary.

    If you need more help you can contact me via contact form available on this blog.

  18. vaibhav
    March 21, 2013

    Hey man…! I have a question regarding getting my adsense approval..
    Can i write about sex? and get adsense account……?

  19. Himanshu Negi
    March 23, 2013

    @ Vaibhav

    No adsense don’t like adult content. You will never get approved. Try writing on different topic.

    Read this: http://himanshunegi.in/get-approved-for-adsense-india/

  20. Akash Gosh
    March 29, 2013

    Hey Himanshu I have a blog with 20 posts and it is nearly 5.5 months old and the content is unique and mine, with videos of other people from youtube .Can I get approved For adsense ppls Visit freemagictricx.blogspot.in/ And pls advice soon .

  21. Himanshu Negi
    March 30, 2013

    @Akash Gosh

    Hey your magic tricks are good and your idea about writing them is also nice but before you apply for adsense please purchase a domain name for your blog. Also, try to write each post at least of length 500 words.

    Good Luck and Happy Blogging

  22. Sundher
    April 4, 2013

    Please help me to get the google adsense approval my site name sundhercse.com

  23. ronak
    April 5, 2013

    my site mobile2android.blogspot.in uses google adsense of my bro which he added manually but I want to apply myself.is my site ok for google adsense approval.your advice will be welcome

    • Himanshu Negi
      April 6, 2013


      Hello Ronak,

      If your blog already have google adsense that means your blog is fine for adsense, you can easily get approved I hope.

  24. vaibhav gupta
    April 6, 2013

    hey man..i got my adsense approved finally.. I used to write on sex too i guess derz no such boundation of dis typ ov stuff as u mentioned..! N i even hav some copyright material on my blog..n stil my applictn ws approved..i thnk no one cn truly judge the policies ov adsense..its ol bloody random stuff and luck ovcours..

    • Himanshu Negi
      April 6, 2013

      You may soon get disapproved or can have your account terminated when you reach threshold amount.

      but Gud Luck 🙂

  25. Punit Tongia
    May 23, 2013

    Thanks Himanshu very useful information.

    Now i’m going to apply for adsence. Fingures cossed 🙂

    dealzexplorer.com (my new website)

  26. Krishoo
    September 25, 2013

    perfect information of google adsense..

  27. Gaurav Chaudhary
    October 7, 2013

    we have tried to many times but i can not get adsense approval

      October 8, 2013

      Ohh Dude… the final decision is taken by Google Adsense and what you can do is try Adsense alternatives (mentioned above).

  28. Amit
    October 12, 2013

    Hey Himanshu 🙂
    This is the best article on adsense approval i have ever read.
    I really like your honesty about your site information.
    Now this site has alexa rank 86k, Can you please tell me how many visitors you are getting now per day ?

      October 13, 2013

      Yes Amit, Honesty is the best policy. This site now gets much more traffic than earlier. I am little nervous to share stats here… get in touch I’ll tell you.

  29. pabitra panda
    October 12, 2013

    i am a new blogger and running this blog. i apply for adsence but they reject my application at 2nd stage verification deu to issu of “site does not comply with google policies”. i have 39 article and created by me. now please check my blog and tell my what to do to fix this problem

      October 13, 2013

      Hello Pabitra,

      It happens and it’s Google Adsense who takes the final decision. Don’t worry, you should just focus on writing and increasing organic traffic. Do SEO, move to self hosted WordPress (recommended), if possible.

  30. Neha Dobriyal
    October 13, 2013

    Hello Himanshu I’m currently building a forum, I want to monetize it through Google Adsense, do they approve forums???

      October 13, 2013

      Yes, you can surely monetize forums with Google Adsense. To be eligible for Adsense you need to have good looking forum with some organic traffic and things that are already mentioned in this article.

  31. ajay
    November 6, 2013

    My website is just one month old. i have applied for AdSense yesterday and you know what they approved my request. the reason is best quality unique content written by me. i have 15 posts on my website and not more than 20 visitors per day. Now i just have to place the ads on my website for 2nd step.

  32. Ronak Jani
    November 9, 2013

    Agreed with you.. even alexa rank does have some more understandable way of calculation the rank..

    i have started my site knowtheworldfacts.com around ~5 months back with more than 2 Cr. alexa rank.. and after keep adding content to my site.. now it reached to 11,58,700 . still not as good.. but i can see the difference in it against my efforts for my site…

    So now planning to apply for google adsense.. lets see.. 🙂

  33. Himanshu dixit
    November 27, 2013

    hey we have name our first name same i am himanshu dixit i got approved in45 days of making my website have a look at it at hangup.in

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