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Google Adsense Alternatives – Earnings Review of Low Traffic Blog

May 6, 2017wp-himu3 Comments

This blog is monetized with Google Adsense Ads. Google Adsese Alternative ads are also served to earn a little more (Edit: Removed all extra Ads for better user experience).

Most blogger prefer to use Google Adsense over other ad networks because of their high CPC (Cost per Click) and great earning potential. Unfortunately, many bloggers can’t stay longer with Adsense due to their strict policies and nature of banning publishers account.

I was displaying ads from other Google Adsense alternatives on this blog to find out how they perform. Most of them are complementary to Google Ads, that means you can display ads from these networks with Google Adsense ads on the same blog on the same page.

Let’s Begin with The Best Google Adsense Alternatives

My blog is new and have low traffic (at the time of writing). Only low traffic blogs and websites suffer from lack of ways to make money. I have compiled a list of Google Adsense Alternative Ad Networks. These ad-network usually approves all new and low traffic blogs. Let’s begin the list.

Infolinks – #1 Google Adsense Alternative

I searched for best Adsense Alternative and found most of publishers were referring to Infolinks as #1 in the Google Adsense Competitors list. I decided to try it out. There are two things to note about Infolinks.

  • They approves most new and low traffic blogs.
  • The minimum payout is $50 via Paypal.

Here’s an image for Infolinks earnings of this blog.

Infolinks Earnings - Google Adsense Alternative

Infolinks Earnings – Google Adsense Alternative

You can see that my earning is next to nothing. Therefore I decided it’s better to have no ads on my blog than having a few cents at my Infolinks Account. More things to be taken into account are:

  • Text ads appear on a sky blue balloon that loads slowly and looks nasty.
  • Most text links shows Join Facebook Ad, seems Facebook is their major client.
  • I noticed that Infolinks performs better on medium/high traffic blogs. Some ads are Genuine (unlike Chitika who display useless links).

My Message to Infolinks is that please stop showing Facebook ads for just every keyword. Please try to come up with some banner ads too. We’ll be happy to display banner ads on our blog sidebar.

Chitika Ads – Get Paid Quickly Displaying Text Ads

Some blogs which are not qualified for Google Adsense likes to display Chitika Text Ads. The most interesting thing I like about Chitika is that

  • They have a minimum payout of $10 via Paypal.
  • All small blogs are welcome!

I applied for Chitika & they approved my blog in a a couple of days. I placed ads on this site. I got some clicks and found CPC to be $0.01 and even $0.00.

The CPC was very disappointing and then I decided to investigate the issue. I found that they display ads on our blogs that redirects the clicker (reader who makes click on the ad) to their website page – filled with only sponsored ads and usually Google provided Ads.

Conclusion: They pay us a small part of their earning that they receive from their ad network (or Google? After deducting all commissions). Suppose the real advertiser paid $0.10 CPC then Chitika will get $0.06 and they pay us $0.03 or 0..02 (my assumption, my brain).

Chitika Earnings - A Google Adsense Alternative

Chitika Earnings – A Google Adsense Alternative

I noticed that Chitika displays genuine ads only on medium & big blogs and CPC is usually a little higher.

Bidvertiser Review?

I Never used Bidvertiser and I don’t think I will ever dot that. Akash Navi has already tried them on his blog and got some poor results that are mentioned Bidvertiser Review (Google Adsense Alternative). Google Search page is also filled with these types of Reviews.

Media.net – Yahoo Ads Publisher

I think in the coming years media.net can prove to be the best Google Adsense Alternative. A few weeks ago, I find some bloggers displaying yahoo ads and I was shocked to see that I wasn’t aware about where these ads were coming from. I find media.net was displaying yahoo Ads but I didn’t found any review on any blog and I decided to try them on my blog.

Due to too many applications that Media.net were receiving, they were lagging behind 2 weeks but at last, I got my yahoo ads. I configured them and displayed them. I was enjoying CPM (Cost per mile or earning per 1000 views). The CPM was $2.0 and for some ad units it was $3.9.

But then I found some reviews and chats on the Internet that media.net is paying $2.0 CPM to everyone and after a week it becomes $0.0. I was waiting to see the changes and then on the 8th day I earned $0.00. So what? I removed them after 30 days because I was losing my Google Adsense Earnings as more ads means less attention to Google Adsense.

Media.net - Not a Google Adsense Alternative

Media.net- Not a Google Adsense Alternative

Media.net and Yahoo Ads Earnings

Media.net and Yahoo Ads Earnings

Media.net is surely a good ad network but it needs some time with yahoo ads to pay like Google Adsense. I hope in the next 2 years it will be a Google Adsense competitor (Edit: In 2014, After a year I can’t see them anywhere). Media.net minimum payout is $100 via Paypal.

UPDATE – July 2014: This blog now have much more audience than earlier and gets around 3000+ views everyday. The story with Google Adsense Alternatives remains same but direct advertising and sponsor articles helps to earn huge on this blog.

Conclusion – Which Alternative to Choose?

Take my words – Google Adsense Alternatives simply do not work for publishers. Google Adsense is the best available ad network, try getting approved for Google Adsense.

Please note that without traffic and audience your blog is worth nothing from earnings prospective. The common thing about Google Adsense Alternatives is that they work great for medium and big size traffic blogs. Therefore try to get more traffic to your blog.

Did you ever noticed any big blog or website using these Google Adsense Alternatives? No, because they aren’t worth using. These big blogs can easily earn much more from direct advertising. Usually websites which are not approved by Google like software piracy, cracking – warez, and other illegal site uses these Google Adsense alternatives.

Adbrite ad network (One of the Earlier Google Adsense Alternative) has already gone bankrupt and that’s why you must always choose reliable ad networks. There are thousands of ad networks available but they are rarely used. Therefore, Stop looking for Google Adsense alternatives and Just build a better blog and get larger audience.

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  1. Pamela
    June 23, 2013

    Hi there, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for the review. I’m sorry that Infolinks didn’t work out for your site. Feel free to write to our Customer Service department for tips at any time to increase your optimization. Of course, more traffic is really the way to get more clicks. Best of luck!

      June 25, 2013

      Thanks Pamela for dropping by, and yes I will surely contact customer service department in coming future. You are absolutely right, huge traffic = huge earnings. Also, I have seen your responses on other blogs too that actually shows how active infolinks team is and how passionately they are ready to help all publisher. Thank You Pamela!

  2. Pamela
    June 25, 2013

    Thank you! We’re happy to help each publisher enjoy their experience with Infolinks 🙂

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