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How to Get Guest Post on Your Blog For Free?

May 13, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

Recently, a few days ago I was on a ‘Guest Post Hunt’ mission as I was not feeling to blog and the hunt was quiet successful. The ‘Guest Post Hunt’ ultimately encouraged me to blog more. I meet different guest authors and offered them free guest blogging opportunity on my blog and got 25+ Guest Post in just 4 days and still getting more articles for review. I didn’t work hard and it was really awesome to see the number of guest authors who were interested in my blog.

Here I am going to tell you all the secrets ways one by one. Let’s start with best ways to get absolutely free guest post on your blog and moreover you can also get opportunity to publish paid articles too!

What are the Requirements to Get Free Guest Post?

Oh… this is very important question to be answered, what are the requirements to get free guest post for blog? As no guest author or blogger would like to write for poor and low quality blogs so with the understanding of Guest Blogging (Actually SEO, Link-Building and Promotion) I can mention a few requirements for which you must qualify:

Google PageRank: Must be PR1 or more.
Domain/Page Authority: 20+/25+.
Traffic: 300+ or more visitors/day.
Alexa Ranking: Below 500K.

If your blog qualifies for any of the above mentioned requirements then you can get free guest post(s). In simple words, Guest Bloggers (or advertisers) are not interested in blogs those don’t qualify for any of the above mentioned requirements.

Other requirement may includes good website design/theme, number of articles you have written (Greater is Better) and TLD (Top Level Domain) like .com .in .org etc.

Hint: The higher the PageRank, the higher will be the Guest Post you’ll get. PR1 can expect around 30 articles while PR2-3 blogs can expect up to 50-80 articles and PR3+ will get the maximum guest post and no one will ignore them! DA (Domain Authority) is also important factor.

MyBlogGuest Community – Webmaster meets Guest Authors!

I was already having an account at MBG (MyBlogGuest) but never cared to look at the site thinking it to be an average forum or community. But recently I thought of taking a look at it after 6+ months and I was amazed to see the number of interested guest authors who were looking for blogs to publish their guest post. Read the complete review of MyBlogGuest.

Find on Facebook – Guest Bloggers Community on FB!

Many authors and content writers are looking for good blogs where they can write and publish their articles but unfortunately they are unable to find yours, so what you have to do is to reach them via social networking sites. Yes, many guest authors can be found on social networking sites looking for blogs that accept guest post and therefore they had already joined some of the popular Guest Blogging- Bloggers Community. You have to just make a search for such Guest blogging communities and have to join them, after getting approved by admin or if you have permission you can just announce that you are looking for guest authors and free content.

Create a Page for Guest Bloggers on Your Blog!

Another way to get guest post for you blog is to have a simple “write-for-us” page on your blog that shows that you accept guest post on your blog. This page should also be visible on SERP so that if any guest author looking for interested blogs should reach to you.

Take my example, when someone googles for “write for us – computer blog” they reaches at my blog, that is how most guest authors reach to my blog. Below is the list of popular search terms for tech blogs that guest authors make.

Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches
write for us technology 0.04 2400
write for us internet 0.14 1000
write for us software 0.11 590
write for us android 0.02 480
write for us tech blog 0.05 390
write for us blogging 0.05 320
write for us web development 0.15 170
write for us android apps 0.14 46

What to do Next? Need more Guest Post?

If you’ll follow all above mentioned ways then I know, you’ll get enough articles for this month but if you need more articles then you should start collecting the contacts of guest bloggers and should email them every month reminding that you still accept guest post and hopefully you’ll get more!

This was my trick. You must also have some tricks to get free guest posts. I would like to hear from you… what is your best trick?  

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