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Free Download Manager – FDM – The best alternative to Internet Download Manager (IDM)

February 3, 2013wp-himu0 Comments

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is a great download manager but it’s Not Free. You can get only 30 Day IDM trial pack for Free. Even if you manage to get some serial keys or cracked version you can’t use it longer as they can easily detect pirated copies and cracked versions.

When I think about the Best alternative to IDM I can only remember FDM (An Awesome Open Source Software) that is completely free and do Great Job!

Why you Need a Download Manager? Every month we download dozens of Games, Music, Software and other files from Internet. But sometimes downloads gets interrupted by our slow network connection or other reasons. If We can’t download 100% in a single go then we are helpless. At this point and many other situations a download manager can save us.

About FDM – Free Download Manager

FDM - Free Download Manager

FDM – Free Download Manager

FDM – Free Download Manager was first released on 2004 (10 years ago) and current stable version is 3.9.4 (April 29, 2014) is written in C++ and licensed under GPL version 3 for window XP, Vista and 7. That means absolutely FREE!

Free Download Manager – FDM – The Best Download Manager and Great IDM Alternative at www.freedownloadmanager.org.

FDM has a nice user interface and supports various browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Advantages of Free Download Manager – FDM

There are many reasons to use FDM – Free Download Manager but I am going to mention only a few that we expect from any good download manager.

Increases Download Speed: It claims to increase downloading speed up to 600% and even more by downloading large files into pieces simultaneously. I had used FDM and it’s a really great alternative to Internet download manager – IDM.

Resumes Broken Downloads: FDM is capable of resuming broken link from the vary point where it broke means that whenever it will find any network connection it will resume download and if there is problem it will pause the download and will get resume again. You don’t need to download a file again and again.

HTTP/FTP/Bit Torrent support: Free Download Manager lets you download files and whole web sites from any remote server via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. You can also download files using Bit Torrent protocol.

Free Download Manager - IDM Alternative

Free Download Manager – IDM Alternative

Flash video download: You can also download YouTube, Google etc. videos with the help of FDM (Free download manager) very easily. To download you just have to right click on the little blue box and select “Create flash video download” option, that’s it.

GNU General Public License: Free download manager is now open-source software released under GNU GPL that means 100% free download manager.

Download Free Download Manager – FDM

Now you already know more than enough about FDM, Free Download Manager is made for you. You should just download the FDM (Free Download Manager). Not Satisfied? You can also try other download managers like Orbit Downloader, GetGo, FlashGet download manager.

NOTE: I had referred to FDM – Free Download Manager as the Best Alternative to IDM (Internet Download Manager), doesn’t mean that FDM – Free Download Manager is not good as IDM – Internet Download Manager. To know about all features of FDM visit their website.

When you are done with selecting your new download manager, take a look at Microsoft Windows Popular Software and Free Alternatives.

The final conclusion is simple! FDM – Free Download Manager is a great download manager that is available for free and therefore all IDM – Internet Download Manager users who can’t pay, can use FDM.

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