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Top 5 Essential Apps for SmartPhones – Free Download

March 25, 2013GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

In this article “Top 5 Essential Apps for SmartPhones – Free Download” our guest writer has mentioned her top 5 favorite apps in a brief details.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent storage app available for free download for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones. This app is wonderful that drives you to download it in your phone even when you have it saved on your PC. Those days are gone when you used to read a file on your PC and if you wanted to show it to your friends or save it on your phone you have to email it to yourself. With the Dropbox available you can put a folder on your Apple or Windows PC and all your cell phones and all your files can be automatically synced to all your devices including the website of dropbox. You will get 2GB free space when registered with the website and when photos, videos are saved on your dropbox, you will get additional 3 GB space. If you have bigger files you can share a link instead of attachments. Offline viewing is also available if files are added to favorites.

2. Path

Path is for private messaging and sharing with 150 friends and family members.  With this app you can send one-on-one messages or group messages with your words, locations, photos etc. This app is beautifully designed to provide users with many filters for applying to the photos and can be shared with HD video with their network. Path lets users share their thoughts, check what their buddies are doing etc. Sharing information with friends and family is exciting and they can respond with smiles, laughs, gasps etc. Users can even share their path moments with their other social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, twitter etc. This app is available for free download for Android and iOS users.

3. Skype

One app that truly makes everybody forget about phone function in the phone is “Skype”. This wonderful app is not just restricted to smartphones but can be used on laptops, PC, smart TV’s, gaming stations etc. Users can make video calls and IM on 3G network or with Wi-Fi connection. It is free to make voice calls or video calls from Skype to Skype and it costs very less and send text messages to mobiles and land phones. Photos, videos and for that any files can be sent for free.


This app is a smartphone messenger for free download for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones. This app makes use of 3G or 4G network and Wi-Fi signal. Users can now switch to using this app instead of using regular SMS services. It is free for the first year of subscription and after that a very low amount of $0.99 yearly is charges. With this app users can send messages, videos, photos and other files to other WhatsApp users. The friends list of this app is based on the user’s contact book. It also has offline messaging too.

5. Flipboard

This is a wonderful social magazine app available for free download for iOS and Android users. It is a beautiful and most productive app that is ever designed for a smartphone. It collects the news from all over the world and arranges them in boards for the app user who flip it to read the news. Users can read news stories from twitter, BBC, USA Today and many other news channels and papers. It is not just the news but users can also see friends’ photos, posts, videos etc on twitter, Instagram, You Tube etc. One can use this app anywhere and anytime, search for anything and also information can be added without any limits. The news is presented in the form of boards and each boards can be shared and saved with a single click. Flipboard is available in 15 localized editions for different countries. With Instapaper anything can be saved for reading later.

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