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Encourage Visitors Actions and Conversion with SEO Website Design

May 5, 2017GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

A website design and effective SEO have a direct impact on the level of conversion. While it is important to attract search engines and visitors, you goal is conversion to transform visitors into potential customers. The key is to encourage visitors to take action. If your website design is unappealing, they will surf over to the competition. The wrong SEO strategies get your site downgraded so few people will find it. Improve conversion and encourage visitors to take action with these SEO website design tips.

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A Website is Like a Virtual Office or Retail Outlet

A website has become much like a virtual office or retail outlet. When a person visits an office, there is a welcoming reception area with relaxing décor. A retail outlet has alluring merchandise in the window and well-organized sections to shop to improve conversion. If an office or retailer is in disarray, people walk right by. Conversion is key when you are in-person or online. The same concept applies to your website design because you want to encourage visitors to take action.

  • Create an inviting home page. Your website design should us consistent colors without excessive links, photos or videos. Keep your website design simple and welcoming. The key is to get people to stay and encourage visitors to take action. Include a basic overview of your offerings, be friendly and add a subtle call to action to encourage visitors to take action. Include your top keywords for SEO purposes so your website design is found on the search engines.
  • Have separate web pages for each activity. Customer testimonials, products or services and a contact page should all be separate. Including them on a single page is confusing and sends visitors surfing away. You want to encourage visitors to take action to improve your conversion rate. Keep SEO strategies in mind on each website design page.
  • A website design should have a secure online environment. Investing in a security certificate ensures visitors feel comfortable at your site. It is much like hiring a security guard for an office area or retail store. People want to know they are safe when they visit your website design. This makes them feel at ease to offer personal contact information or use their credit card. This will encourage visitors to take action and boost your conversion rate.
  • Include detailed descriptions on sub-pages and keep SEO strategies in mind. Whether you offer professional services or merchandise, have well-organized sub-pages on your offerings page. This makes it easier for people to find what they want and boost your conversion rates. Add product and service descriptions with SEO keywords rather than just listing them. Don’t miss this additional opportunity to reach out to potential customers and encourage visitors to take action. Strong descriptions improve conversion rates.
  • Use keywords sparingly. The black hat SEO techniques of yesterday won’t work on your website design today. Use keywords far less often during the website design process. Instead provide quality content with the facts readers want. Include links to social media so they can share it. Have a sleek website design and focus on strong content. Subtle SEO strategies are tricky but ensure your website design has staying power and will encourage visitors to take action.

Use a Memorable Name and Logo

Once you get visitors interested in your website design, you want them to remember it. Have a simple website name that matches your business or its basic offerings. Conversion means establishing a notable brand. Include a recognizable logo that represents your business in a positive way. These elements might seem simple but they make people remember your business and boost conversion. They also give you a more professional image to inspire a feeling of trust when people visit your website and encourage visitors to take action. When your website design is reputable, it will encourage visitors to take action. The same names and images should be used on all your correspondence including emails, letters and flyers. Conversion rates improve when you are consistent and it will encourage visitors to take action.

Update Your Content Frequently

Updating your content frequently gives potential customers a reason to return to your website and leads to conversion. Attach a blog to your website so you can post new content every few days. Updated content encourages greater conversion rates. If you sell clothing, offer fashion tips. If you offer professional services, add updates about your field. Make sure the SEO content is valuable to encourage visitors to take action. This also keeps your website design fresh on the search engines so it ranks better and conversion improves over time. Focus on quality content rather than old-fashioned black hat SEO strategies such as keyword stuffing. These causes your site to get downgraded on the search engines and makes your content difficult to read. Keep it simple, factual and relevant while still implementing white hat SEO strategies to enhance conversion rates.

Be Mobile-Friendly with Localized SEO

A growing number of people are accessing the Internet on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Make sure your website design is mobile-friendly to improve conversion rates. A good website design should be easy to navigate on any device. You don’t want customers’ on-the-go to surf away because they can’t read your site. This is an essential market to harness as conversion is easy with impulse customers. Localized SEO makes it easier for people to find your business when they need it and improves conversion rates. Encourage visitors to take action on-the-spot.

Include a Call to Action

Make sure your website design includes a definite call to action. Encourage people to follow your blog. Offer a free e-book about your topic or field. Ask people to provide their email for updates about sales and discounts. Grab more information about your visitors and find a way to stay in touch with them to encourage visitors to take action to watch conversion rates source.

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