Email Marketing

Everyone on the Internet has an email id. I have multiple. All of your customers also have email ids. Now, let’s email them. Email to each one of the existing and future customers. This is NOT email marketing.

It’s not that simple!

You have to gather email addresses of people who visit your website (using lead capture form) or physical store. For this to happen, you have to first drive the targeted audience to your website using content marketing, SEO or online advertising. Then, you can email them (if you have their consent otherwise it’s email spamming).

Warning: Sending emails to a list of random people will not help. You will get most of your emails marked as spam and the rest of the emails will end up in your spam folder. No one will be able to read your emails.

Time Required: Less than a week (to plan, set up and execute an email marketing campaign). While sending emails to thousands of subscribers can take a few hours.

Requisite: Emails ids of prospects and clients.

Reward: Email Marketing is affordable and has a high conversion rate if done correctly. You just have to grow a list of genuine followers and then inform them every time you have something to offer. The return on investment is high because subscribers tend to buy more compared to new visitors.