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What are the Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting?

April 28, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

Web host is a company that provides you web space on Internet (actually on their online web servers). Web-hosting space is a place where you can store your website so that it can be made available online 24/7 globally throughout the year.

Every website that you access online is served to you via online servers. Most Web-hosting services that could be considered as good are all paid but you can easily get a free web hosting online. But keep in mind that free web hosting always comes with certain limitations that further turns into disadvantages and ultimately make it impossible to use free web hosting.

I had used several free web hosting for many months and had also used so called top 10 best free web hosting. Finally, I switched to paid web hosting and now I’m happy with what I’m having. Following were points about my experience with Free web hosting.

free web hosting disadvantages

Disadvantage of Free Web Hosting

Nothing is free in this world but they are providing us free web hosting, Why? Answer: Marketing Trick, To promote their brand and give you a taste of their premium product and services. Their ultimate goal is to convert you into a paid customer and for that they’ll surely imply following restriction and limitations on you. They may even tease you and will surely create hassles for you and when they’ll become intolerant you’ll pay or leave, they know that. Okay, Let me tell you the disadvantages of these free web hosting.

Limited Space: Reliable free web hosting provides only up to 300 Mb space while some poor hosting may offer you up to 10,000 Mb disk space or even more. Don’t go for those who claims to provide you more than 1000 MB (~1 GB).

Limited Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data which your hosting servers can serve to your website visitors. They will limit you up to 1 GB or even up to 100 GB per month. Go for less, don’t get attracted to garbage. Mind it, Garbage is always Garbage.

Upload File Size Limitation: You can’t upload a file heavier than 2 Mb in size or which takes more than 15 seconds to upload.

File Type Restriction: You can’t host a script or any executable file, not even an app, otherwise you must know, they’ll just suspend your account. You have no rights, you aren’t a paid customer.

Advertisement Restriction: Now you can’t tolerate this! You are not be allowed to display ads on your website. You can’t earn or generate any revenue with free web hosting. Example: WordPress.com Review.

Poor Customer Support: Free web hosting will not attend you properly until you pay them. Be practical, why they will care about you? You’ll usually get late or useless responses.

No Backup: Free users don’t have back-up facility and are restricted to certain number of back-ups. This is the biggest disadvantage of free web hosting as number of website attacks is increasing globally.

Risk of Getting Banned or Suspended Account: I can’t live with the fear and risk of losing my website . You have to always follow their T&C with terms of use otherwise they will suspend your account without your consent and you have no backup (as mentioned previously).

Also, they can terminate their services at anytime without prior notice and you will be helpless with nothing left.

Affects Credibility: Now think about the situation when someone visits your website and founds nothing but – A 404 Error Page, Why? Because it doesn’t exist anymore or your web hosting servers aren’t capable of serving anymore visitors because of server load. Free web hosting servers usually have too many websites running on same server and always remains too busy.

Does this affect your credibility? If not, then you are made to use free web hosting.

Affects SEO: Does poor web hosting affects SEO? Suppose your website is down and Google reach there (to crawl your website) and founds nothing, of course Google and other major search engine will not appreciate that and after 2-3 times of fail encounter they will preferably remove most of the links to your website (de-indexing process) and your position on SERP (search engine result page) will fall. This situations and free hosting are not recommended for SEO (search engine optimization).

Display Advertisements: After all, they are providing you free web-hosting services and if they decided to generate sustainable revenue from your website then don’t get surprised, when you see several ads popping up on you website to say – hello I’m here!

The free web hosting’s trick is that when you’ll visit your website, especially when you’re logged in to hosting account, you’ll not see any ads and when any other visitor will visit, the screen will be filled with dozens of ads.

Why Free Web Hosting is Not Possible?

If web hosting is absolutely free then who is going to pay the bills of web-hosting company? Please note that servers are the robust computers that are not ordinary in any way and run 24/7 hours throughout the year. They need electricity and physical space, special software and robust hardware, good environment, maintenance, workers and lots of money to run perfectly. So do you think they will get absolutely free web hosting?

Lets assume, you are an owner of a web hosting company. What you will do? Will you provide absolutely free web hosting irrespective of your expenses? Would you pay the bills from your pocket? Wouldn’t you’ll like to generate any revenue?

Free things attracts everyone (even spammers) and therefore they are misused. Free servers survive under heavy load and needs lots of maintenance and moderation. So, no one can practically provide you absolutely free web hosting without disadvantages.


You can’t survive long with free web hosting and their disadvantages. They should be used only for low traffic websites (having less than 50-100 views per day) with precautions, though I strongly NOT recommend any free web hosting account!

Even the giant companies can’t afford absolutely free web hosting so how could others will afford? You have to pay them at least when you have good website and some amount of traffic.

Paid and reliable web hosting can be purchase for less than $3.5/month and you can easily earn more than that amount in few weeks (Use Google Adsense for Generating Revenue from your website).  Why don’t you just get any free reliable  reliable web hosting is Bluehost (Officially Recommended by WordPress), Hostgator, Fatcow, Dream Host Etc..

So what are you final views on Free web hosting? What were your experiences so far? Are you really earning anything* with free web host?  *Revenue, Traffic, Readers, Ranking.

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