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How to Create a Website or Blog For Free?

May 6, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

Web pages (website or blogs) are developed by developers who know scripting or programming codes. But now the story is different we create our blogs and websites on our own without the help of any web developer or website design company. We use CMS (Content management systems) and website builders to create and manage websites and blogs.

Though there are many ways to design and develop website and blogs i.e. by using coding, software or online platforms but we are going to mention only valuable and practical stuff for you i.e. CMS.


Where to Create Free Website or Blog?

Blogging is your hobby and you want to share information, you want to interact with your blog readers and doing blogging just for fun not for money then directly go to blogger.com or wordpress.com (both are completely free to use and can be turned into website anytime).

Blogger and wordpress provides you free sub-domain, mysitename.blogspot.com and mysitename.wordpress.com respectively, where “mysitename” is any name that is available for you.

Why NOT to Create a Website or Blog with Free Services?

The answer is simple “Nothing is free in this world” and free things always have hidden cost (catch) or some limitations. Blogger.com and wordpress.com maybe the most popular free services but they are no exception. I had already written a blogspot.com review and had mentioned what you’ll really miss with blogspot.com blog (or blogger.com).

Choosing wordpress is a better option, almost all pro bloggers use wordpress to blog but wordpress.com also has some limitations and you can’t earn money with your blog. Read wordpress.com review to know why you should not choose officially hosted wordpress blog.

Conclusion: To Create a Website or Blog!

Wordpress.com don’t allow you to monetize your blog with ads and therefore you can’t earn with wordpress.com. Blogspot.com blog can’t get much traffic as you don’t have SEO options at blogspot.com. Go with Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

The simple solution is that you should use wordpress only but self hosted. A self hosted wordpress is a wordpress that is hosted on your server and you have the administrative control. To harness the real power of wordpress you will always need a self hosted wordpress blog.

You can also host your wordpress on free as well as paid server but before you choose to host with free server, I would like you to know the disadvantages of free web hosting.

Wordpress blog must be installed on paid reliable web hosting.  Choose Bluehost hosting (Recommended For Self Hosted WordPress Blogs), Hostgator, Dreamhost and Fatcow. Some other paid hosting that are also #1 domain registrars are Godaddy and Bigrock (India Support Available). No other hosting is recommended by me to anyone.

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