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How to Create New Partition in Windows 8 without Formatting Hard Drive!

October 17, 2016Akash Navi0 Comments

Suffering from having ONLY one partition in your windows PC or you have just installed a new hard drive to your computer and want a few drives? In both the cases we have to make another partition in our PC! Let’s start making a new partition in our Windows 8 PC without formatting.

Note: This same tutorial works for windows XP, 7 and 8 (and hopefully will work for other version too).

We don’t need any external software or something! We can make another partition in windows or a new drive in my computer 🙂 as with an inbuilt utility which is called as “Disk Management”.

What Is Disk Management?

Disk management is an option available in Windows which is present in “Computer Management” and helps us to carry out many tasks in our daily computing, those are Formatting of Disks and Partitions, Splitting partitions and many more.

Ok Let’s Start Creating Partitions…

Right click on computer icon. Click on manage, so you should get “computer management” window.

My computer

Computer Management Windows Appears, Click on disk management which is available in the left side of your Window.

computer management

Let’s Create Some Free Space for New Partition

Right click on the volume (Disk drive) you want to split/shrink to create another partition of it. Here I want to make another partition of “New Volume D”. Click on “Shrink Volume” to move further.

NOTE: This step is for shrinking a large drive on hard disk to create some raw space but if you had attached a new hard disk (and have raw space) you don’t need to shrink any of the partition.

computer management

A dialogue box appears saying “Querying Shrink Space” wait for that to go.

shrinking spaceNow a window appears saying “Shrink (with drive Alphabet). Enter the size of hard drive you want to make for example I want to make a new partition of 10 GB (1 GB = 1024 MB).

shrinking disk

After entering the amount of space you want to shrink, Click on “Shrink”. Your windows 8 Pc may hang for 5 to 10 seconds during the shrinking process (after clicking on “Shrink”).

Creating Your New Windows Partition

Now go back to Computer Management > Disk Management. You can see a box saying “Free space”. Right click on the box saying “Free space” and click on “New Volume”.

creating new partition 6

A dialogue box appears “New Simple Volume Wizard”, Click on “Next >”.

new partition

Now simply specify volume size. You can only chose a volume size lower then what is the maximum free space in disk. Click next.

new volume fle system

Now you should Assign a letter for your new volume Name it. You can only select the alphabet which is available in drop-down menu.

new simple volume wizard

And Click “Next > Again” Now you should select a format like which your Volume should be formatted.

new volume fle system

I recommend you to select File system as NTFS as NTFS works great with windows and don’t forget to check “Perform a quick format. Then click next

new partition created

Now the last step, you can see the setting you have selected I prefer you to check them out once and the click on finish and you are done…!

Just verify that is your volume added successfully by opening “computer” otherwise formatting it helps.

windows 8 new drive

So here is new partition created “new volume F”. Hope this tutorial helped you creating a fresh new portioned disk drive 🙂

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