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How to Create a Blog or Website in India? Web Hosting and Domain Name!

April 28, 2017wp-himu1 Comment

Congratulations, if you are planning to create your first blog or website. You are going to learn lots of new things, you’ll also face some problems and difficulties but before that I would like to share all important things with you that you must know. This article is focused on “How to Create a Blog or Website in India? About Domain Names and Web Hosting!“.

Create Blog Website in India

What Do You Need to Create a Blog or Website?

To create a Blog or website, you need a computer, some skills, brain and creativity but technically, you need only two basic things, a domain name and some web space (web-hosting).

What is a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

A domain name is a website address used by Internet users to reach at any website, example: www.example.com or just example.com. They are the names that usually helps visitors to guess about website and its content (like: www.india.gov.in, www.cbseresult.nic.in).

Domain name usually have keyword that gives an idea to visitor prior to reaching your blog or website and is recommended by experts (like techbii.com – A blog about Tech Stuff). An address like xyz.example.com or www.example.com/xyz represents that they are sub-domain of example.com.

Web hosting refers to the place on Internet where you can store your blog or website so that it can be globally accessed anytime. You can store your website on a computer that runs 24X7 hours throughout the year and are called servers. Actually, these computers are configured to host websites (or blogs) and serve it when any visitor request for it (i.e. when any visitor visits). These computers are known as web hosting servers, and the providing company is known as Web Hosting Provider.

How to Choose a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

Your domain name should be meaningful and must give the correct impression about your website’s content. A good domain is enough to know all about a blog or website (FakingNews.com – Publishes Fake News), should be easy to remember, short and should be yours (not free or registered by others, should not be someones registered or trademarked name – you’ll face legal issues later).

Free domain names that are available online are actually sub-domains. They are not recommended as the main domain name is owned by someone whom you don’t know and can point your domain name to any other place whenever he/she likes to do so. They’ll usually do it when your free domain name will become popular, they’ll redirect it to their website or to some sponsors website. It affects your credibility and ability to harm you. A serious blogger or webmaster will never take the risk of using a free domain name and web hosting. You are always bound with restriction and limitation.

Dot.tk provide real free domain name but my experience wasn’t good with them as they redirected one of my domain to some other website and the other domain was just removed for inactivity (see T&C ). Free .tk domain name looks like www.himanshunegi.tk. You may give give it a try but if you are creating a business website or wants to make money with your blog then DO NOT TRY any free service!

Most web hosting packages include real free domain so that you don’t have to buy it anywhere else. Getting both “domain name” and web hosting at same place makes it easy to set up everything because default settings are usually enough for website and domain to work properly.

A Reliable Web Hosting can be found only by paying. The most reliable web hosting companies are Bluehost (Officially Recommended by WordPress for self hosted wordpress blog), Hostgator, Dreamhost, Fatcow, Godaddy and Bigrock (India). No other hosting is recommended to anyone! Read: Free Web Hosting Disadvantages (My experiences with free web hosting providers).

Bigrock claims to provide the best web hosting in India. Their prices are reasonable and customer support is available in Hindi. For less than $3 per month you can get their unlimited space and bandwidth hosting for your blog and website.

Payment Method: Most web hosting can be paid via credit cards or Paypal but BigRock facilitate Indians to pay via Debit cards/Net-banking, Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover), PayPal, Cheque and Demand Drafts that is Incredible and the reason why I mentioned it! Every web hosting provide many payment option to native users.

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  1. joshua
    October 8, 2012

    Very good post. I think that at the end the most important thing is “Credibility”: A man can get a reputation from very small things.

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