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Corporate Society Review – CIPL – Fraud or Legitimate?

October 26, 2016wp-himu46 Comments

Corporate Society (CIPL – Corporate Infocom pvt. Ltd) is an IT based company that provides complete web-package (web hosting, free computer courses and support) in an affordable price. Their goal is to become top IT based company in the same field.

Website: Www.corporatesociety.orgcipl.net.in 

In this article I’m going to review Corporate Society (CIPL -Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.) from all aspects. I have answered all your questions and doubts here.

corporate society - CIPL

corporate society – CIPL

Corporate Society is Fraud or Legitimate?

I researched and quickly find some evidences provided by them about registration of their company with Indian Government. According to these certificates corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. (which is casually called corporate society or CIPL) is a registered “COMPANY” in India and at least not a fraud name.

Link: http://www.corporatesociety.org/home/gallery.php (Link broken now)

I wonder is there any other popular company that provides their company registration documents online like that? What is the real need? What they are trying to prove? Anyway, nice efforts to prove legitimacy.

How I Came to Know About The Corporate Society?

On a weekend I was asked by a friend to join this seminar and I went there because I was told that it is something related to IT and he is working for MNC. I asked some questions to an associate (not my friend, an associate of the company) and he only said that all our (me and my friend’s) doubts will be clear in/after seminar.

Are you going to join or invest money in a company or scheme that you don’t understand or don’t have complete knowledge? Company or Associate hiding some details? Hint: Stay Far Away!

The Corporate Society Seminar!

In the beginning, Some Corporate Society Experts (real experts?) covered some things about web development, which was just a basic overview of IT. The seminar was divided into two parts the first part was completed in about an hour but the second part was so detailed it took around 5 hours. The second part was about HR  (i.e. money making).

The HR part was excellent and well managed. It was an awesome brainstorming session (brain washing?), everyone looks inspired (or influenced?). Everyone decided to join corporate society because the seminar was very promising.

How you can Earn Money with CIPL?

Corporate Society’s Senior Associates usually suggests junior associates to ask (force?) their friends come to the seminar and after that they will handle them. If a friend of yours becomes an associate with the company (referred by you) then you’ll get paid Rs.2000 per friend (how much your friend is worth to you?).

Actually this is the HR part, corporate society associates usually make friends (online or offline) and then make money by referring them to the company. Associates don’t work in IT part and prefer HR part only because most of them knows nothing about creating websites and making money with them.

Who are Associates and Targets? What’s Wrong with CIPL?

“Based on internet averages, corporatesociety.org is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 18-24, have no children, are college educated and browse this site from home.”  By Alexa.com. So now you have the correct idea about associates and the targets (both are “you” only).

Alexa Link: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/corporatesociety.org

When we google for “corporate infocom review”, “cooperate society review” or “cipl reviews” we only get complaints and negative reviews about Corporate Society, CIPL, Corporate Infocom pvt. Ltd (Note: They are reffered by different names, depends on their marketing ad our review ;).


I decided to discuss all this stuff with some associates and researched for CIPL, Corporate Society, Corporate Infocom (In short, I queries all names) I get following: 

Poor Servers and Poor Web Hosting:

“The servers at Corporate Society can be such bit*hes sometimes. Not exactly the types which are up all the time, or “international secure servers”, as said in the seminar, they have a bad habit of crashing and going on a week long location, screwing up your traffic, earnings, efforts and your Adsense Dollar dreams.”

Said by Jasjot Bains at http://jasjotbains.com/corporate-society-review/3/ (seems like content removed).

High price (5x) for web hosting:

Corporate Society provide a shared web hosting package for Rs.7572 per year which is not affordable in any way (as opposed to what they claim it to be) and neither as good as they charge, 5x higher rates than all other leading national and international web hosting like Bigrock, Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator etc. The actual cost of web hosting is less than Rs.1,500.

Free Computer Courses?

They provide compulsory IT courses to each associates viz. php, visual basic, java2, asp.net, c++, visual basic.net, c, Microsoft access, ms sql server, photoshop cs3, 3d max, dream weaver, flash cs3, autoCAD 2008, studio8, corel draw, ms word, ms ppt, ms excel, computer hardware, networking, tally, ethical hacking, SEO, window vista, ASP, cgi, HTML, HTML & XML, XML, linux, unix, front page, IIS, TCP/IP, RDMS, quality analysis, oracle, SOFTWARE TESTING AND QUALITY ASSURANCE and  flex.

To the best of my knowledge the corporate society is failing to provide these IT courses. Most of the associates don’t even know the names of all these courses.

They can teach you SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The Google PageRank of CIPL website is only 1 out of 10. All web hosting website have better rank than this (Check it at prchecker.info).

Their websites’ homepage is at www.corporatesociety.org/home/index.php. Why? Is there any need to do that (placing website inside home directory)?. Do they know SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Also they stands nowhere for the keyword Search “web hosting” or “IT” in India and whole world (Try to use Google.com at your own)

They Provide Adsense Account?

They provide you Google Adsense account in only a few days (2-3) while Google has set up 6 month policy on Indian publishers i.e. any blog which is not older than 6 months is not qualified for Google Adsense. How do they trick the Google?

Eligibility to participate in AdSense.

I have noticed that if you have an awesome website then you can try your luck in 3 months too and can successfully get an Adsense Account. But this is not applicable with these associate (I’m not talking about luck here, I’m talking about website quality).

Why CIPL Websites/IT Services Always got Hacked?

May be because some of the website that got hacked was awesome (to attract hackers?) or they don’t have good technician and security experts? Actually when a website gets good amount of visitors and popularity they are compelled to remove it because of the load that create on their server.

Increasing load can reveal the real efficiency of their servers and their secrets will be out. If load increases their server will go down permanently and they don’t want it to happen. Then finally their only excuse, “it got hacked by hackers and please don’t use the backup” (hackers don’t have any work other than hacking new sites?).

Image: http://jasjotbains.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/corp.png (seems like link is broken now)

They are a Web Hosting Company? Do they Have Real Servers?

I doubt, They don’t even have their own servers (one of associate confirmed me that later).

Why their domain name is purchased from Godaddy? (Godaddy.com is an International leading domain registrar and web hosting company).

Corporate society had purchased their SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate from godaddy. Why purchased from a competitor? Are they running on the charity of Godaddy? Check the SSL certificate https://seal.godaddy.com/verifySeal?sealID=fSukUXII0u51AeP5Icao1NoSfJbxIRtIVchU7EhPJGen2US8mgqF.

Reality about Corporate Society or Corporate Infocom?

“When any person who is a member of Corporate Society meets you he will never tell you that this company is based on a chain system but he will say that its and IT company and it giving seminars on how to build websites and provide you free website designing tool.” said by Brijesh Tiwari at http://corporate-society.blogspot.com/2009/09/about-corporate-society-dot-org.html


All people associated with CIPL say “JAI CORPORATE” again and again… because they had been told to support their company otherwise they’ll lose their money. They say and shout “mentor-mentor” like an idiot just to impress new targets (upcoming associates).

Because none of the Associate had ever Googled for “corporate infocom review” or “corporate society review”, who’ll shout “Jai ho Corporate” after losing their money?

There are two types of people who say “jai corporate”, one those who are successfully earning money by making others fool and others those who are trying to make others fool (and themselves too, naye khiladi) because they want to earn money and can’t even think about losing their money they should like mads.

They can’t accept it that they had been made fool but some people had confessed that at http://corporate-society.blogspot.com/p/are-you-victim-of-corporate-societyorg.html

You shouldn’t be ashamed that they fooled you. Try to think about all the stuff and what you did wrong? Think about life ethics and importance. If you want, you can go to cyber cell for legal help & issues.

Conclusion – The Truth!

Do you really need a conclusion? It’s simple and we all agree that “CIPL are life changers”. I don’t know how? But everybody accepts that whether they are earning or not.

Speaking honestly, it is a chain system based company. The system is banned in most countries and to make the company survive they need something to support the scheme and the company (a web package?).

“Chain Marketing or MLM is not good way to earn money. Please stay away from it. It will ruin you, your friends and your country. Don’t become a victim. Protect other innocent people from chain marketing. Please don’t ruin your family and friends. Don’t even attend the chain marketing presentations and seminars.”

Said by Abhi:  http://abhisays.com/ideas-and-thoughts/beware-of-chain-marketing.html.
Nice Chain marketing article: http://www.techcular.com/chain-marketing-pyramid-mlm-schemes-advantage-and-disadvantages/

Conclusion: Why you Should Join the corporate Society?

Because money is everything to you and you can do anything for it. You want to prove that you can earn and now you are not a school going child anymore. You want to interact with some good marketers (chicks?) and want to face some difficulties and frustration in life. (You love making others fool for money and your life principle allows you for that).

Conclusion: Why you Shouldn’t Join the Corporate Society?

Because you are looking for real web hosting or IT based company. You are born smart and know what’s better. You respect the money that your parents or you have earned and you love your friends and don’t want to sell them by dis-guiding them. You had read this post and you’ll not join them!

CONCLUSION: Don’t try to earn money by these ways (chain system and MLM) rather study or focus on your ultimate goals. If you had lost your money then it’s not your fault because they (chain systems and MLM) are made only for that purpose, to attract innocent guys and cheat them. Life doesn’t stop at Rs.7500 or 32 Lacs 😉

We conducted a Poll to know opinion of readers on CIPL (Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.)

We conducted a Poll to know reader’s opinion on CIPL (Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.)

Updated June 2014: Just found a video on Youtube about Corporate Society Review  from a real person (an ex-associate of CIPL, or a victim?).    

This article has 46 comments
  1. kamal batra
    October 8, 2012

    hmmmmm,such a lovely post bro ,very clearly mentioned,i have been a culprit of this company.saaalon ne pure india se ab tak crores of INR looote honge fadu bana k, jitne log kama b rhe honge to wo b apne frenzz k paise lutwa k kama rhe honge…main product IT ka koi gyan ni dia jata,…. maine b inpepost likhi h bhai…m blogspot pe kaam krha hu ab…

  2. harpreet
    October 28, 2012

    nyc post… keep it up… m also trying to be a good blogger from 2 years but i failed cuz of tym… now m also starting a new blog soon…
    good luck buddy…

  3. corporator
    November 3, 2012

    google adsense 1 month mei mila hai mujhe corporate se site banakar. aur han bat complaints ki h to yes hai complaints but agr ICICI bank,vodaphone,airtel k baare mei bhi google karenge to bahut complaints milti hai iska matlab ye to nahi hai na ki vodaph,airtel,icici ka business down ho gya.
    Whatever people doing saying keep them saying and whatever we are doing we will keep on getting.

    Kuch log fal2 bolte hai i hv seen about sum corporators kyuki unki khud ki koi aukaad nhi h unki jagah lene ki to burai to unki karenge hi kuch log.(not pointing anyone)

    • Chetan Gupta
      December 11, 2013

      Corporator bro where is your website link. I didn’t find it in your comment section. Will you show your blog link so that I can also see that where you are placing ads by Google on you website and how much you are earning, I know you earning but after making fool to those people who are your own friends and relatives and If you are really happy then must talk to me. I have some question to ask to you.

  4. joginder
    December 17, 2012

    all people in this company are liars,i was also an associate in this company and i know what they give..n what they take..n u mr.corporator jo aukaat ki baat kar raha hai..apne ap ko pagal bana rahe ho…dusro ko nahi..tu bh*sdi ke kaunsa raja ban gaya is company me jo aukaat ki baat kar raha hai..32 lakh puri zindagi apni co. Ke maliko se bu*d bhi maray*ga tab bhi nahi milenge..baatein karni aa rahi hai bhadwe ko..or agar dobara aukaat ki baat kari to isse bhi bura haal karunga..samjha

  5. joginder
    December 17, 2012

    keep it the good work bro..all these inf. given by you is 100% true..

  6. angela love
    December 30, 2012

    hiiiii to all
    about this company i invested 8k and it feels lyk di***** dh**** has harassed and squeezed money from me.i dont think tht anyone wd lyk to wrk with u folks because anyways i get fu*ked up all the time but being with this company ive being cheated …i hate this company ..this company is full of shits

  7. wetert
    January 4, 2013

    this coy ruins the student life and make them sales manager……….
    Never ever join this …………..
    and they charge for web hosting 7500 which is very high………..

    I am using Google App engine for my website it is free of cost….but with limited resources…but it is free

    and today you can have .in domain free of cost for 1 yr
    as well provided by google india………….

    so dont join this it is a Big Time Pass Company
    Fooling you ……………

  8. shrikant
    January 18, 2013

    Excellent post man. . . I even had joined corporate society 6 months back and i am fed up with their services. They haven’t given me IT training. Whenever i call them they refuse to recieve my call and try to neglect me. Their company websites says ’90 days money back guarantee’, But when i ask them to refund my money, they say it was a misprint on the website and your money will not be refunded. THIS IS A FAKE COMPANY. DON’T GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM . I have suffered enough i don’t want you to suffer . .

  9. rohit
    January 21, 2013

    all corporators are frauds.My old friends got me into this.They give you nothing.They do not provide any IT training.
    Sale bh*sdi ke dalle h sab k sab.Rahul,di****,mayank,harshwardhan in sbko nanga krke road pe da*da dena chahiye.Rahul di***** ki gaa*d chaat taa h isliye dh**** logo ko fools banane me maahir h.
    or tu saale corporator is website pe comment kyu kiya tune.Rahul k tatte tu konsa raja ban gya corporate society me.Madarch*d bh*sdi ke tu paise to logo ko chu*iya bna k kama lega pr izzat kha se kamayega.Mujhse kbi aake bolio ki sir seminar me ana h maa kasam sale bh*sdi k whi teri gaa*d pe do laat dunga jama k.

    its a threat to Indian youth,
    corporate society ki maa ki choo*.

    please do not delete this comment.

  10. hitesh yadav
    February 25, 2013

    once i attended their seminar when i had zero knowledge about blogging and making site. rs 50 was boring. and they were showing us dreams like vo humei 4 din mei bill gates bana denge. i decided to search on net. i searhed a lot about blogging etc. i decided to start a blog but not by corporate and i purchased domain from bigrock and hosting frm hostgator. now after 1 year the corporator who was organising the seminar has lost his rs 7k, still not having adsense and i am earning 5 to 10 dollars daily saying honestly.

  11. ashu
    March 11, 2013

    ek simple sa question hai admin k lie

    websites or blogging, or earning thru net, kahan se suna tha first time???

  12. Himanshu Negi
    March 12, 2013


    I know Ashu you are wondering that CIPL taught me all about websites and blog. right? No, it was my friend who told me but he was also not having the idea about how to really create you blog and all that, but I then started to search about it and today you can see I have a nice blog.

    I was 16 when I first created a website, tough it was not good but it taught me many things.

  13. KUNAL
    March 14, 2013

    every buddy well said bout cipl nd they r realy fraud l……..

  14. avi
    March 14, 2013

    hey i am one of them and i am not happy with servers, i want to change my hosting. please tell me how can i change my host without loosing my site. i mean if i change my server how i renew my domain name. please help.

  15. Himanshu Negi
    March 24, 2013


    Don’t worry you will not lose you domain or website. Just move your website to new server then configure/change domain nameserver records so that you domain name which you purchased from CIPL (actually godaddy) should point to your new server where website is located.

    If you need more help you can contact me personally using contact form and never host website on Corporate society servers.

  16. Amar
    March 24, 2013

    cipl is a fu*king fraud company
    i invested my 8699 rs in this company
    and i got baba ji ka ghanta out of it
    so please frnds dont invest your money

    and dont go to attend the ppt”s
    given by the company”s workers

    so frnds please save your money
    i lost my 8699 rs
    so u please be careful


  17. akash patil
    March 30, 2013

    Corporate has given me a gud sucess, taught me how to deal wid world, made me independent.. The person who has written the flaws in IT should understand that masses have been able to knw abt the power of IT cause of dis soceity.. Al other things u cant garauntee abt the quality bt I can I have seen wonderful websites widout any of the prob of my asociates.. One thing for sure u havnt worked hard so u are talking lyk dis idiot

  18. Psycho.Hacker
    April 4, 2013

    Hey Akash Patil, I am an ex-associate of this company :D. I had no knowledge about websites and all. The only thing i could get from this company was a domain name and rest was upto me.
    I knew that investing 7.5k in this company would be of no use for me coz i’ve never thought of being a sales executive that’s the exact word for which you so called corporators call associate.
    I am not again or in favour but i just want to know name of those wonderful websites that you are talking about in your comment.

    Just mail me the links : [email protected]

  19. Oman
    April 11, 2013

    just met these guys today.. My friend was about to pay him 9k.. Thank god i stopped him.. Happy to find this page..
    Cipl walo ku g**d maarna hai bus sabki..

  20. xxxxx
    April 12, 2013

    madarcho* aaj cipl waale presentation ke baad merese 9k lene waale tha bach gaya
    abb wapas presentation mai jaake usko yeh page aur cmnts padake uski gaan* pe 2 dande deta huun

  21. Prakhar Saxena
    April 13, 2013

    Corporate gone, this is the time of web***, the real IT company where i learnt blogging & today my blog earns dollars with adsense as well as affiliate.
    No chain marketing, no bande banana. Only technical knowledge. Thanks to amir sir for this great platform.

  22. umesh
    April 19, 2013

    nice article bro..
    iam also one of their associate..
    its a very fraud company..
    you said every thing was right..
    please show some solution how to protect my site from them…

    • Himanshu Negi
      April 19, 2013

      Hello Umesh,

      The only thing you can do is take backup of your site.

      If you want to move your wordpress blog. You need to log into your wordpress dashboard then go to tools and click Export to save .XML file now go to wordpress.com singup and setup a new wordpress blog and upload this file there using tools>import option and everything will be moved there.

      hope this helps and for more details you can do some google search. 🙂

      Good Luck!

  23. akash
    April 30, 2013

    you said 100% true.but i want to know why people join these kind of company
    maine bhi aaj seminar dekha tha aur mera bhi man ise join karne ka huwa but thanks to u
    tumhare iss blog ko padhne k baad maine apne frndz se puchha jinme se 2 ne pahle join kiya tha aur unhone bhi yahi sab baate batai so thanks again

  24. Somil Bhargava
    May 1, 2013

    Nobody is perfect.. I am an associate but every thing has its pros and cons and just dont decide your opinion on someone else reviews. Yes consider those while you decide but do what you feel and would make you happy….
    Remember whatever you do, you need to put in time and work hard..
    Nothing comes for free…
    Owner: newsandfunn.com

  25. manas
    May 6, 2013

    yes, CIPL is totally registered firm…. check the link cipljaipur.in/corporate-infocom-pvt-ltd-company-legalities/

  26. Ronak shah
    May 20, 2013

    Hello people. “CIPL” corporate infocom pvt ltd is register company. But it does a fraud with every people who r new . I can tel u my experience. The people who r on d higher level of dis company r just doing their jobs of completing their goals. “Their goal is to make joint the new people by doing fraud with them so that they can get their commission.” Once their goal is completed,they don’t even talk to us properly. They are just money oriented . While registering in the company they tell us that the “HR” part is not compulsory but after we join the company, they force us to do the “HR” part. And if we tell them that we don’t have interest in “HR” they don’t even teach us the “IT” part properly and talk to us like hell on phone and by messages. Force us to attain the meeting compulsory and all. Of we do not attain then tell us that we will not teach you properly and all. Everything is like just hell in this company. In sort just want to let you know people that please think 100 time before joining the company if you want to really joint this company. I will suggest you not to joint the company. I have lost my 8000/- Rs. And the main part is that they make new people joint the company by giving them the fake hope that once you joint the company after 1-2 month you will b able to get your won bikes,cars, etc. And they tell us that they are not money oriented but actually the company is only aim for money nothing else. The last line i will tell in hindi ” woh log humhe sikhate hai ki kaise naye logo ko yeda( ch_____ya ) banake apne company mein register karne lagane ka. Hope it help you people.

      May 21, 2013

      oh… I wasn’t aware of that, Ronak shah. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I don’t usually comment on this blog post/article but your comment made me to speak… this is seriously ridiculous and thanks to many other bloggers and associates like you who are raising their voice against CIPL(or whatever they call themselves, Corporate society/infocom or IT garbage).

      The worst thing is that most of associates faces the truth when they became the victim of this useless company. Again thanks for sharing valuable information…

  27. Shrikant
    May 22, 2013

    This is a shit company trying to fool people. . . I am an ex-associate.
    When i was about to join this company they told me that if you are not satisfied with the company, we will return your money .
    After joining they didn’t provide me any kind of IT meeting or HR meeting.
    So i asked for my refund of money as they had failed to keep their promise.
    Then they said you are not gonna get your money back do whatever u want.
    Their website states 90 days money back policy.
    So when i mailed them about it they didn’t replied me. When i phones them no-one picks up the phone. I feel like cheated.
    So i request everyone to never get in contact with these people, they just want your money and then they don’t care about you.
    If everyone get 32 lakhs a years then india will be ruined. .
    Never join this company .

  28. Jitendra Shekhawat
    June 9, 2013

    I Thought this company is really fraud and i don’t believe at company i spent 8000 rupees in company and don’t get anything this company told can you won bike and car fame i told that not get bike car after joint this company but 2yr after my new company sspli – success society pvt. lmt. india

  29. Rohit
    June 25, 2013

    you have revealed the real face of corporate society…its really a very bad scam where you
    will be fooled and then they give you pressure and motivation to fool others. One more thing i have observed that corporate society has changed their main website to cipl since corporate society has now not good image google..thanks for writting such a wonderfull post to save innocent youngster from this scan great work….thanks alot

      June 25, 2013

      Thank you.. Rohit but unfortunately till there are still thousands of innocent who are still joining them… don’t know how to save them… 🙁

  30. deepak
    September 14, 2013

    do hell with corporate society its like fool kingdom they never know how a person collect money for a seat in corporate society. ek seminar tak k to paise le lete hai kisi se it traning k liye bolo to bhane bnate hai ya kisi senior ko bula lete hai what rbbish is this ………….

      September 19, 2013

      You are right Deepak, Corporate Society arrange seminars to locate potential customer (or fish?) and moreover they charge per head 50-60 INR for entry. They charge because they know it works and everyone pays. Also, CIPL also have to pay 20,000+ INR for each auditorium they arrange for seminar.

  31. Eve
    October 24, 2013

    I wish i had google searched about this company before joining it.. 🙁
    …….feeling so cheated 🙁

  32. VICKY
    October 28, 2013

    Mera to sala khoon khaul jata hai ye sun k “jai corporate” success ye wo..kya hai yar ye? Sala khud b pagal bnre h aur apne dosto ka b pagl bnare h..im in doon studyng bba i had a friend of mine in 1 st sem..at first when i saw him he was very confident what he wanted to do nd he tried to shw us that he is doing smthng whch is building his confidience and he regulary updates his fb profile with photos having tea of scuuess i hv earnd this mch ye wo us bande ne dhere dhere pure colg me ye aag k trh feladya nd u ppl cnt imagine pura colg olmst pagl bnra ta nd evn grls vr olso indulgd in all this ..thn this guy askd me to join this shit he calld his companys associate he came in swift dzire nd startd syn that m in bteh 1st year nd hv earnd thus mch nd u cn earn too jst join it they ll tell u abt their seminars..nd that my colg guy evn calld me to attnd tat seminar like ne thng..yar etna to meri gf mje cl ni krti ti jitna wo krta ta ki bhai aja join krle tu bba k bad kitna kamalega 5k 10k max 15k? Kya hota h isme join corporate bht kamaega evn m earning nxt mnth me swift lera hu nd nxt week meri apne paiso ki r15 ari h this guy usd to cll me agin nd agin as meri late uthne ki adat h vacations me is bande ne mje etni cl ki ki me shck hojata ta suba utho to 21 mis cls kya h yai ye? Is bande ne hadh macha di ti lekin jb mene apne baki ek 2 frnds ko is se pagl bante dkha nd whn thy forcd me to join this tb mene socha yar ab kch krna parega i wnt to my colg directr nd complnt abt all wht is happening in this colg nd ppl r cmng out of our colg nd thy r givng seminars in their cars nd evn girls r olso indulgd the colg authority thn asd that guy to meet the directr nd thn the police was cald up nw aftr 5 mnths frm that thing the guy who strtd all this in our colg has left all this nd ppl make fun ov him as he say nw ki bekar h yar ye sb ..mtlb us bande ko etne tym bd akal ai jb wo ye corporate ka virus pure colg me phla chuka ta..plz guys sty out of it..nd ppl out there still saying jai corporate nd reading this blog cnfrm this the name of that guy is ABHISHEK N****** DEHRADUN BBA IMS

      October 28, 2013

      Thanks Vicky for sharing your experience. You did great Job.

    • Rohit
      October 29, 2013

      Great job vicky..you have saved so many youngsters from ruining their carrier from this bullshit company

  33. dev
    November 8, 2013

    thnx for the info buddy..

  34. vicky
    November 12, 2013

    Welcme all..:) stay safe stay away from these bull shit companies

  35. Chetan Gupta
    December 11, 2013

    Himanshu Ji,
    I have also started my blogging carrier after joining the CIPL. It doesn’t gave me success but I learn a new thing through company that is earning through a website. Aur iss baat ne ki ham website se earn kar skte hain meri raato ki neend hi uda ke rakh di. Maine CIPl join karli, after wasting one year even more, without publishing any single blog post , I always tried to be a successful in HR which I doesn’t want and I failed in that and got dipressed. Par mai wo time nahi bhula ek saal se jada samay ke baad bhi, jab mujhe raato me neend nahi aati thi yahi soch kar ki mai website se bhi kama sakta hu. Aur fir maine faisla kiya aur HR ko laat mar di aur Google se dosti kar li. I worked hard to learn about blogging. Maine google ko use karke blogging sikhi. and now my blog is getting sucess slowly slowly. My blog is now PR3 which I got in recent Google PR update on 6th december, 2013 and domain authority of 38. I Hate CIPL and HR but loves to do blogging. 😉

  36. Corporator
    January 14, 2014

    Hii Himanshu…
    I am a corporator and on a position of Team Manager in Pune right now.
    I searched for CIPL on web and found your website.
    I also didn’t know that we can earn from our website but now i know a little.
    but about CIPL what i read here,

    some things are True but definetly some are not.

    1) MLM is not fraud,
    Most of the marketing strategies today are working on same concept
    even company-Distributors-Whole sellers-Retailers-Customer
    ( Chain Supply Management System ) is of same type.
    and MLM is derived version of franchise system which is Network Marketing.
    it is actually a legal way of selling goods.
    So dont use words in such a way that Company is fraud, but definitely not a good source to earn money ( I read that on http://abhisays.com/ideas-and-thoughts/beware-of-chain-marketing.html. )

    2) Ways Approaching People is also proper
    The way company approaches people is an only way in such a system
    because its mouth to mouth publicity structure where reference is a power of referral marketing company.

    3) There is no fake commitment.
    I never hide any part or section from even an associate or from people who listening first time called Guest.

    Some Good Points and what i learnt i will tell you…

    1) Its true that there are very few IT meetings,
    n teaching growth is almost stagnant.

    I personally felt that problem with company and i have now made this discipline to take 2 meetings in each week, one on week days and one on weekend and solve their doubts and to see progress of websites with certain knowledge of mine.
    but i still feel i am walking and not running with IT part.

    2) Main Concentration on Business

    Almost every upline works for increasing team, their group-size.
    Its not true that we are no getting anything than just money from Business part,
    I have developed my skills, confidence in almost no time when i joined.
    this is also true that,
    i feel if i am going to increase someone’s group size then anyone will teach leadership qualities here to such a person.
    I personally feel people who wants to learn web developing, your upline will care at no time because they have not achieved anything other than business here because they have utilized there time on increasing there groups only.

    3) IT or websites remain un-noticed

    Many associates i have seen just work for business and Money.
    and they couldn’t do or get that,as you must have knowledge of what you are making business of.
    hence comments of such people or people who didnt even started after purchasing is seriously disgusting.

    4) As i said MLM is not a fraud,
    but you have given me information about the package worth from outside Corporate.
    if this is true then definitely,
    making an MLM of such a product with comparatively on higher rates is actually a fraud.
    basically COFFE on low standard Hotel is of 20Rs and in CCD is of 100.
    that i read on some website
    but reading his comparison honestly saying Corporate is not on a level in Web Hosting market, where CCD is in their market to raise prices due to brand, that’s seriously a big issue

    Hence, There are some points Good and surely bad ones are more than those some..!
    But surely your path of life will go in slow motion in terms of knowledge thats for sure and will fast forward in terms of Money.

    you perfectly raised voice against company by comparing product cost with other providers
    i want some more perfect information on it Himanshu, can you help me.
    if I find it correct,
    then rather doing awareness from outside only i will raise this question to Board of directors from inside.
    Do reply, will be waiting for your reply or mail.

    Not as an Associate, but as a friend i will like to wish for you what one of the good things i have learnt is here…and everyone should have such attitude in positive way is…

    Wish You Success

      January 15, 2014

      MLM is not fraud but not too good for innocent guys. Marketing is good too but again for innocent buyers it’s not too good. Advertisements on TV and other media attracts potential customers and some other people too who have nothing to do with it… are also get attracted.

      Anyway, you know? A nice and intelligent person can get benefit from anywhere and he know also how to use resources and how to learn and develop their self/skills, just like you. Maybe or surely you have got many things but majority NOT.

      Coming to company, I really don’t like their business structure and way. You better know what is wrong with the company. Their is nothing hidden now. You have already got many things to improve. This blog post is just voice of some fellow readers and my friends (who are cipl associates) and me (who is awesome guy).

      I wish you could make CIPL a real IT company but that seems impossible. Good Luck!

  37. Rishab Saraf
    January 17, 2014

    Hello friends, even i am an associate at Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. I started with the websie cgetstarted.com after joininge CIPL.

    My views on CIPL can be found at cgetstarted.com

  38. jai
    April 11, 2014

    I also join the cipl before just 1 month ago but i shocked to read this blog about cipl. i notic there every one running there for business part. No one consult about IT part.
    but want to say something cipl provide the lot off course. focus on IT part much.

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