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[Review] Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. – CIPL.NET.IN – The Truth!

March 22, 2013wp-himu2 Comments

Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd, claimed to be an IT based company that provides web-packages (web hosting, computer courses and support) at affordable prices (Wow Really?). They say, their goal is to become top IT based company in the same field (but what they exactly?).

In past, CIPL had been reviewed several bloggers and their associates itself. And they changed their promotional name (from corporate society to corporate Infocom) because everybody came to know about their business and tactics.

The IT Company,  Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. is also known as CIPL. But earlier, it was popular as “corporate society”. Reason and Proof? Because they registered domain name corporatesociety.org at that time and then they stick to it (irrespective of the registered company name).

New website: cipl.net.in

There are some serious problems with Corporate Infocom and the way they do business. Read our review about them and know things that you deserves to be acknowledged before you join.

Detailed Review(s): Corporate Society Review (*Tips for 32 Lacs, Quick Earnings, & Video Included 😉

Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd – CIPL is Already Reviewed!

I had tried to cover everything about this Organisation in the above detailed article article. Topics covered are as follow:

  • Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. is Fraud or Legitimate?
  • How I came to know About the Corporate Society? (Who the fak told you about this sit?)
  • The seminar- How was IT?
  • How Could you Earn Money with CIPL? *The 32 Lac Trick*
  • Who are corporate associates and targets?
  • What’s WRONG with Corporate Infocom?
  • Brief – Servers & Web Hosting Review:
  • Price Comparison – Web Hosting:
  • LIST of FREE Computer Courses!
  • Can they teach you SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  • How they can provide you Adsense Accounts?
  • Why they provide websites that always gets hacked?
  • Is Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd, really a web hosting company?
  • What’s the reality of corporate society or CIPL.NET.IN?
  • Why they say – Jai Corporate?
  • Briefly – The Truth!
  • Why you SHOULD JOIN the corporate?
  • Why you SHOULD NOT JOIN the corporate?
  • THE – Conclusion!

PS: If you are reading this after joining, I’m sorry for your losses and all the the hard time you are facing right now.

One thing that I found very interesting- Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd learned a lot from our previous article/reviews. They had worked to improve virtually (online). But everything is still same in real life – their business model and everything. You must read and share -> Corporate Society Review-CIPL (Detailed).

Updated June 2014: I found a video on Youtube about Corporate Society (from a real person, ex-associate of CIPL).    

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  1. ankit
    April 11, 2013

    Great work brother, thanku for our awerness and important thing for new bloggers .keep on doing …. 🙂

  2. Parth
    July 21, 2013

    Nicely written article bro.
    But this article alone wouldn’t be sufficient.
    We should find more ways to let other innocent people know this sad truth.
    Think on it guys.
    Thanks for the initiative Himanshu. 🙂

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