Content Marketing

When you share your expert opinion or advice on subjects revolving around your business to help people – instead of just making sales pitches – it’s content marketing.

Suppose, you run a fitness center, then you can suggest what to eat and how to exercise properly. If you are into the travel industry – you can share your travel experiences. You can also provide advice on how to travel, plan things in advance or save money using deals and coupons on hotels and flights.

You can share your expertise on your website in the form of articles, on YouTube – you can upload videos and on social media – you can share thoughts and opinions.

Content marketing helps to gain a reputation in the industry and loyal followers who will definitely convert into paying customers someday. Content marketing becomes more powerful when done with search engine optimization.

Time Required: Around a month to plan and post everything. Although, it’s a continuous process.

Requisite: A plan to post something that should grab the attention of your target audience. A website and a few social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc) for posting.

Reward: Once everything is done. You will get a regular flow of audience on your website and followers on social media profiles. Also, in the meantime, these followers will turn into paying customers.