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How to Check – Comment on your Blog Website are Spam Comments or Not?

May 7, 2017wp-himu0 Comments

Comments on blog always encourage blogger to blog more and more. They can be feedback, appreciation or queries from blog readers. Some comments also help blogger to improve and grow his/her blog and are mostly seen as positive interactions by blog readers.

Wordpress is known for its automation, most tasks on wordpress can be done automatically (with the help of scripts) like sending messages to blog readers, pinging others blog to inform them that we had mentioned their blog etc. Also, there are some scripts too that help spammers to send bulk comments (spam comments) to random or particular niche blogs. These spammers send bulk comments to your blog because when their spam comments gets approved and published they gets a backlink from your blog and it doesn’t really matter to them what they are getting and from where.

Most new bloggers don’t realize that these are not comments and they publish them. But when they realize that they are publishing spam for a long time… they had to put lots of effort to filter them. So, to help all those newbie bloggers who publish spam comments on their wordpress blog and never recognizes them as spam I had written this tutorial to help them check whether these comments are really spam or not!


How do Spam Comments Looks Like?

Spam comments to new bloggers looks like genuine feedbacks and positive interactions from their readers. As spam commenters always remain in a hurry to get backlinks from your blog, they generally put short and sweet comments.

“I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye”

“Good write-up. I certainly appreciate this website. Keep writing!”

“Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for providing this information.”

And there are 957.42M spam comments that I can mention here but for now understand that all these comments are SPAM!


How to Check whether they are spam or not?

Most spam comments can be recognized with just a single look, if a comment talks nothing about your content (means off-topic) then it’s a Spam Comment. But even then if you have doubt whether they are really spam or not then you can perform a smart little trick to reveal those spam comments. Just copy the comments and put them in double quotes and make a google query.

spam comment

This spam comments gets revealed at google because we queried google to return only those web pages in result that is having Exactly this phrase on their page(s) and now you can see the result.

One pattern I find usual with these spam comments that they intentionally makes spelling mistakes to attract our eyes or to bypass spam detector.


How to Stop Comment Spam on WordPress blog?

I had already shared a few tips and plugins to stop comment spam (wordpress blog) and these tricks stopped almost all comment spam on my blog so try them, hope it will also help you get rid of these spam comments and spam commenters.


Conclusion – Why you should Avoid Spam Comments!

The conclusion is very simple… you should never publish these comments on your blog as the only motive of putting these comments on your blog is to get a backlink, they are all fake feedbacks and appreciation and you don’t have to carry them on your blog unnecessarily. Moreover, when genuine blog readers recognize these spam comments… it creates a bad impression of you and your website to them because they thinks that admin is not smart or he/she don’t cares about spam on his/her blog.

The other conclusion is that anyone who is trying this method should now STOP all this because this black hat trick never generates quality backlinks (from good blogs) and you only get dozens of links from new-less important and unrelated niche blogs that causes your blog penalized by Search engines and your ranking drops. None of pro blogger use or recommend these spam comment. It only harms you.

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