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Chatwing Chat Widget Review – Connecting Bloggers with their Readers

January 19, 2013GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

Chatwing chat widget is a chat software that offers an unlimited live website or blog chat experience. This chat widget specializes in delivering real-time communication at any given time. Engage in a free chat with visitors and friends!

An informative blog or website which tackles mainly on complex ideas such as computer programming and website development can be hard to take in, especially for an interested greenhorn who doesn’t even know what C++ or HTML is. Now wouldn’t it be great if someone were to tell him directly instead of him opening another window and search for it himself? Not only will it be an advantage to that reader since he knew it from the blogger himself; it’ll also be beneficial to you since starting up a conversation with that reader is surely to pique his interest, thus earning you a soon-to-be avid reader. The best way to do that is through live chat – and Chatwing has the best tool for that.

chat widget -chatwing

How Chatwing’s Chat Widget Works?

Chatwing’s tool – the chat widget, will help connect you and your readers through live chat. Its social media integration capacity enables your readers to use their Facebook or Twitter Accounts to join in; but at the same time it also allows them to log in anonymously by using the guest feature. The app installs in seconds and embedding it in your blog or website is as easy as pie.

This chat software also includes other features like customizing your chat box to suit your website and mp3 embedding, for added entertainment. It also has its own profanity filter and blacklist system to provide you with complete control and management of your chat box. Chatwing chat widget is also Android OS and Apple IOS friendly – giving you the freedom of chatting with your readers in your mobile phone.

Where It All Began – Chatwing History and stats

Chatwing started in 2011 in developmental stage. From there until its launching, the team has continued to develop Chatwing’s chat widget, for the better; for the sole purpose of giving satisfaction to its users. Now it currently has 2 million users a month that spans over 130 countries around the globe.

Why chatwing chat widget is better? 

Though other chat widgets offer features similar to what Chatwing has, the difference is that you can only avail to them using the premium service; wherein Chatwing does it for free. These features are topnotch and are surely beneficial in your blog site in terms of information sharing and web traffic-garnering. Bluntly put, Chatwing chat widget is simply better and more affordable than its competitors.

The Chatwing development team also ensures that whatever concerns and/or suggestions the user has about the chat widget will be properly and promptly answered. They are constantly developing ways in order to improve Chatwing chat widget so it could answer the needs of its users.

Future Plans – the next generation chat widget

Having to chat while having a clear view of the person from the other side is only one of the plans Chatwing has in store for the future. There are others that are still undergoing development in hopes of connecting the people more in the World Wide Web.

Chatwing chat widget will help you connect with your readers better, as you can directly tend to their concerns firsthand and give them a better understanding of their problems and other matters that revolves around your blog site. That in turn will create an atmosphere that will draw in other readers as well and thus, it produces mutual benefits. Your readers will gain the information they need from you and you on the other hand will gain more traffic. All in all, it creates a wonderful environment where you and your readers share information and at the same time enjoy the company of others.

Find Chatwing on the web at http://chatwing.com.

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