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Change Wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter: Free Personalize Panel Software

October 13, 2016wp-himu0 Comments

Change Wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter: Free Personalize Software

A few months ago I purchased a Samsung notebook powered with Window 7 Starter. Window 7 Starter is really a nice portable edition of windows for low end devices like notebook and netbook. Windows 7 starter is a light weight edition that doesn’t create much load on our systems but on the other hand they don’t provide some useful software and utilities.

Problem: I find that there is no option to change the desktop wallpaper on windows 7 starter and I am struggling to change it.

Solution: To change wallpaper we can use different themes, desktop wallpaper manager or just a perfect desktop personalize panel software for windows 7 starter.

Note: I had tried all methods to change wallpaper on window 7 starter and I am suggesting you the best that has all the capabilities in it, that can eliminate all theme managers and desktop changers.

Personalize Panel: Change Wallpaper in Windows 7 Starter

Personalize panel is a small application made for windows that will add a personalize option when you’ll make a right click on desktop. It will work just like personalize option that works on other windows version.

I use and prefer personalize panel over all other methods. It’s free and fine so I will recommend personalize panel only.

Download: Personalize panel (Size: 454 KB).

Install Personalize panel just you install other software on your windows.


I have created a video tutorial to help you customize your window 7 starter desktop and wallpaper. I think a Video tutorial is many times better than text tutorial so feel free watch it.


More Options to Change Wallpaper

If for some reason personalize panel don’t work for you, you can try Oceanis application or startdock Mycolor. They both are nice programs.

1> Oceanis Change Background Windows 7

There is a great tutorial over there at SevenForum.com on how to desktop wallpaper so I don’t feel writing these steps unnecessarily here.

Link: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/47294-desktop-background-wallpaper-change-windows-7-starter.html

2> Stardock My Colors (Theme Manager)

Actually it’s Windows Blinds (also a theme manager but it doesn’t work for our purpose) with less options and less themes (only few that are free)

Link: www.stardock.com/products/mycolors/gallery.asp

I hope now you’re able to successfully change your window 7 starter desktop wallpaper. This method also works for window 7 home basic and other versions that don’t include personalize option.

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