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Blogspot Review: Why Not to Choose Free Google Blogger Platform!

May 5, 2017wp-himu4 Comments

This Blogspot Review is about Blogger (or blogger.com) which is a well-known and one of the most popular blogger platform. Blogspot is used for creating free blogs (and websites too) and is owned by mighty Google Inc. Like all other Google products, blogspot is a nice service and has its own pros and cons (that you’ll realize after a few months or maybe years of blogging). Now, here I am going to tell you in details Why Not to Choose Google Blogger Platform.

Blogger is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Most popular among newbie bloggers, Blogspot has all features that a newbie wants.

Blogspot Review

Blogspot.com Review

Top 6 Blogspot Review Points for Making Final Decision

I am going to review blogspot with 3 positive and 3 negative points that’ll help you to make right decision. Let’s begin our Blogspot review:

Blogger provides Unlimited Bandwidth and 100% Uptime

The best thing about Blogspot or blogger.com is that it provides unlimited bandwidth and almost 100% server up-time. That means your blog will always be live when someone will try to access it anytime around the Globe.

Unlimited bandwidth means your blog can be viewed unlimited times without worrying about amount of data transferred.  100% up-time means the servers where your blog is hosted will be working 24X7 for you. Even in case of emergency they have backup plans. Awesome!

Blogspot Articles gets indexed faster than anything Else.

I have noticed that blogspot articles gets indexed a little faster earlier than anything else on Google Search Engine. Blogger blog takes only 1 day to get indexed (sometimes few hours) while my self-hosted WordPress blog articles takes 2-3 days to get indexed.

Blogger.com is Free to use and you can use your custom domain name!

Yes, blogger.com or Blogspot is absolutely free to use and will always remain free to use otherwise it will lose more than 80% of its user. Also you can use your custom domain name with it. It means I can use www.himanshunegi.xyz to work with my blogspot blog.

Blogspot SEO: Not an Easy Task to Add SEO Meta Tags

You can’t add important SEO Meta tags like keyword, title and description. Each time when you write or add up a new article you have to manually add keywords and description to it by editing HTML templates. In these competitive days your blog can’t survive without SEO. Meta Tags are really important and you still need them.

You Don’t Own Your Blogspot Blog

The worst thing about your blogger blog is that you don’t own it. As and when Google likes, they can remove your blogger blog without your prior permission. This happened with thousands of bloggers including me at blogspot. Google made changes/update to their program to automatically detect low quality blogs and shut them down.

The automatic Google system gave bloggers a time of 2 weeks to review it and those who didn’t logged into their blogspot account for 2 weeks or were unsure, lost their blogs permanently.

Place For Spammers: No Credibility!

Being free and ease of use attracts more spammers. There are many blogs present at blogspot.com just for spamming purpose. They are low quality blogs, try to sell or distribute copyright or unauthorized stuff (like paid software for free, cracked version and many more illegal stuff).

When Internet users visits your blog and finds a .blogspot in your domain name, makes them little unsure about you and your blog quality and authority.

These free services are generally used by teens who can’t pay or spammers who don’t want to leave a trace by making a payment.

Blogspot Review- Conclusion and Advice

If you’re a learner or doing blogging just for fun or as a hobby then you can surely choose blogspot blog but if you are doing blogging to become pro and wants to gain traffic, audience, fame and huge earnings then you must not choose blogspot or blogger.com. Advice: Go with Self hosted WordPress blog.

I hope this Blogspot review is helpful. There are many things you could consider while choosing a blogging platform but I think these above 6 points are more than enough. Best of Luck!

This article has 4 comments
  1. Vijesh
    June 5, 2013

    Hi Himanshu,
    This article has both Cons and Pros on using blogger. why did you mention why not to choose in the title? And what is your conclusion do you think blogger is good. Personally i recommend Blogger for newbie or those who simply want a blog but for those who are serious and want to make money I suggest WordPress.

    Thanks for the share…

      June 5, 2013

      Hello Vijesh,

      Thank you for leaving a valuable response. Actually this article will be soon a part of complete web development guide and sometimes we like to create viral/unique title 🙂

      Vijesh I do advice the same what you do but The ultimate choice should be self hosted wordpress blog, as with wordpress.com you can’t earn and with blogspot,com you can’t do add SEO meta tags, nor you are really the owner of your blog.

      I hope everything with be clear when master article.main tutorial will be published.

      Thanks for dropping by…

  2. Alpesh Brahmbhatt
    June 10, 2013

    Hi Himanshu

    This is one of the best content added in your post i really like it this valuable information specially middle one content best regarding blogspot.com thanks.

  3. amsang
    July 16, 2014

    The concerns raised by you are real. I enjoyed good views on both blogger and wordpress.com, but eventually had to shift to a shared hosting. Now I have to rebuild views, but guess thats good in the long run. Now I am on my own self hosted WordPress site.

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