Block MFA Sites and Increase Adsense CPC and Revenue

MFA stands for “Made for Adsense”. MFA term is used for sites that are solely made for the purpose of Adsense and their main source of income used to be Google Adsense revenue. These types of sites do not really have any genuine content but have 3-4 lines long paragraph or some links in the form of content. They do not have anything valuable for readers.

MFA sites tends to have high CTR (Click Through Rate) and gets banned as soon as google finds it. High CTR increases the chances of getting banned from adsense. Websites those have high adsense CTR are marked red at google adsense by their smart systems but even though some MFA sites still gets successful and earns a lot for admin. Anyway, I am going to give you list of MFA and other sites that may increase your earning when blocked.

How do blocking MFA Sites Increases Adsense CPC?

To understand answer to this question you should understand that because of poor SEO and less content MFA sites do not rank well in Search Engine and to get traffic to their site they (admin of MFA site) advertise via Google Adword Program with low CPC budget and their ads is ultimately displayed on your site when their request matches with content on your site.

For example, MFA sites will get 1K visitors for $5.00 (or even less sometimes) and you (adsense publishers) will get paid $3.4 for 1000 clicks (68% revenue share) and MFA sites will receive 500 clicks (50% CTR). MFA will earn $100 (500X $0.2). So, that’s how they will earn $100 when every $5 is spend by them and we, adsense publishers gets nothing for 1000 clicks. Let’s block them!

Before blocking these sites one thing strikes my mind. I was wondering if google adsense displays high CPC ads on our blog (as said by adsense) then how can I get these low MFA ads on my blog but then I realized that Adsense displays Contextual ads that means an ad which is more relevant to my site is displayed regardless of CPC. So, let’s block them!

List of MFA Sites that you should Block

Login to your adsense dashboard and just click the tab “Allow and Block ads” then put all the website URL into block URL’s category.

I blocked these MFA sites and noticed a considerable increase of Adsense CPC therefore I would also suggest you to block these MFA sites and experiment for a week to get to any conclusion. Also, don’t forget to share your experiences with us and other readers!

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