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How to Block Facebook at Home using Free Software?

May 10, 2013wp-himu1 Comment

Parents at home, teachers at school, professors at college and managers/employers at office want to block Facebook as most users are addicted to it… simply for nothing and can easily spend 1/4 day on it.

Facebook.com no doubt is a social networking site that helps us to get in touch with our friends and relatives, sometimes it gives us chance to met some strange people, it helps in uniting communities and country, blah… blah… seriously even after having so many positive sides there is still one well known issue i.e. ADDICTION.

Why to Block Facebook?

Facebook degrades our performance and productivity, we gets poor result at school and offices, we get penalized and punished, we can’t sleep at night and feel sleepy whole day, we put loads of data and information about us online without thinking about privacy and security issue, we welcomes trouble.

Note: I am NOT against Facebook and this is not just about Facebook. I am talking about all social networking sites that are being excessively used by individuals. It may be a chatting software or messenger.

Okay I had talked a lot about Facebook now it’s time to block it for the betterment of our children, students and company’s goodwill & turnover.

Free Software to Block Facebook at Home:

The software we are just going to use isn’t just for blocking Facebook but it has all the capability to block all social networking sites with just a single click.

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection is well known featured software for all home users with all the capability and simplicity to protect our child at home. The best thing is that it’s free, small in size and robust. Available for Windows, Mac and Smartphone’s. You can view internet activities also.

Get K9 Web protection Free: http://www1.k9webprotection.com/get-k9-web-protection-free

You will get a free license in your email and a special application package that will only work with your unique license key. All instruction will be in your mail. Install it on your computer with your license key and a secret password.

After installation reboot your system and then you have to do simple settings.

Go to start > all programs > blue coat k9 web protection > k9 protection and open the “Blue Coat K9 Web Protection Admin”. K9 will open in your default browser just like shown in image and you have to following settings (or follow the image).

Click on the SETUP then enter password (that you put while installing not the license key) then click CUSTOM option and tick the category SOCIAL NETWORKING and SAVE IT. DON’T FORGET TO LOGOUT.

Important: Don’t forget to block proxy websites category as Proxy Websites can be used to Access Blocked Websites.

setting up k9 web protection

Now try to visit any social networking website it will display k9 dog or do any naughty google search it will return nothing. It simply makes browsing safe for everyone and it’s just awesome for everyone.

NOTE: If you want to install Blue coat K9 Web Protection at Office/School/College you have to pay a small fee. There are still shameless people who uses it for free at commercial site but I would recommend you to pay the license fee otherwise programmers will never create something like that forever.

Hacking K9 Web Protection Screen or Hint Page

K9 protection shows a dog on screen when blocked user tries to access any blocked website that gives the user user an idea of what is going on. If you want to hack that screen you can follow the following article.

Hack k9 Web protection screen: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-K9-Web-Protection-Invisible

Conclusion: K9 do perfect job of making Internet browsing safer, allows parent to check Internet activity and block certain types of or particular website. Nothing is 100% secured and full proofed even the supercomputer can be hacked so if your kids or children are computer science engineer they can hack, bypass or may remove k9 web protection but it works 99.9% times.

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    January 6, 2014

    thanks himanshu for this valuable post now i am free bcouse none of my friend ask me for my lappy 🙂 🙂

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