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Blackberry Launches Two New Phone Models (Q5 and 9720) This Year 2013

August 20, 2013GUEST BLOGGER0 Comments

Those who are fans of the Blackberry brand are sure to want to be loyal to the brand but the company, which has been ailing for sometime now, is giving little chance for its fans to support its causes. Not only has it not been able to move on with the revolution that took place in the smartphone era, it also has been unable to offer anything substantially new to its fans in the latest models released. The new BlackBerry 9720 seems to be the latest offering of the company but this smartphone also seems pretty mediocre when compared to the older version. The Blackberry Q5 was released in the month of June while the 9720 is newly released. If one compares the two latest versions, it is difficult to understand what is new or novel about the 9720. The following discussion highlights the salient features of the phone.


Loyal Fans Will Love The QWERTY Keyboard 

The QWERTY keyboard is a feature that is being held onto by the company even in its latest model as it is the one thing about the phone that the fans love. Most people love the functional keyboard as the typing can be fast and accurate as compared to the touch screen keyboard of other smartphones which makes typing incorrect and time consuming. Again, the messenger feature of Blackberry is known to be a feature which is an asset for the company and which no other chat or messenger app of others have been able to match upto.

Key Features Of The Blackberry 9720

The following are the key features of the Blackberry phone:

  • The phone is fitted with a 806 Mhz Tavor MGI processor
  • A display screen of 2.8 inches
  • Resolution offered of 480×360 mega pixels and 214 ppi
  • RAM of 512 MB as well as similar amount of internal storage space
  • A rear camera of five megapixel
  • OS 7.1 version of Blackberry
  • 1450 mAh battery

Other features of the phone are the presence of a QWERTY keyboard but in terms of features, the Q5 has better and more upgraded features than the Blackberry 9720. Those who are curious to know how the 9720 is different from the other versions can opt for a video demonstration of the phone which is available online.

Current Status Of Blackberry

As the 9720 or the Q5 have failed to land any revolutionary feature in this phone, there is a demand seen which is lackluster and failing as is the company’s performance. The news is that the company is up for sale or will consider going private. The need of the hour is to retain the distinct features of the phones and to combine the latest smartphone technologies in order to provide all the latest features and functionality that most people have come to expect in their phone. Then only will the fans view the phone company and its products with renewed interest.

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